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      Introduce yourself to the forum members in here, say hello and let us know your interest in optometry.
      Latest: Hi blessings, Mar 18, 2021
    2. Off-Topic


      Chat about non-optometry related things in here, think of it as the forum cafe!
      Latest: Strange appearance of point-source without glasses NumbersGuy, Oct 11, 2020
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      Announcements / Feedback

      We'll post important news about the site in here, but this is also the place to let us know your thoughts and ideas on OptometryForums.com
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    1. Eye-Care


      General eye-care questions and those not specifically related to other sections go in here.
      Latest: Sudden vision change kbd, Mar 10, 2021
    2. Glasses


      This is the place for any discussion relating to glasses (lenses and frames).
      Latest: Prescription confusion yelruc2, Oct 2, 2021
    3. Contact Lenses

      Contact Lenses

      Talk about anything to do with all types of contact lens in here : daily, monthly, overnight, toric and any others!
      Latest: BC Acuvue Oasys-monthly vs 1-day Acuvue Oasys bravowhsky, Apr 7, 2021
    4. Laser Eye Surgery

      Laser Eye Surgery

      Considering laser eye surgery or have questions on the procedure?
      Latest: Horrible headaches..post vitrectomy sceral buckle ckbledsoe, Aug 30, 2021
    1. Optometry Discussion

      Optometry Discussion

      General discussion about optometry, aimed at professionals (dispensing, research, clinical talk, etc...)
      Latest: Practicing Optometry in Sweden Momoney, Dec 13, 2019
    2. Student


      Are you studying for optometry qualifications? This forum is the place for students to interact and discuss questions.
      Latest: SE or Sph to assess myopia jottowag, Sep 4, 2021
    1. Optometry Archives

      Optometry Archives

      This is an archive of the sci.med.vision newsgroup - please do not use this forum for posting questions.
      Latest: Question regarding tobradex skeeter, Jan 11, 2020