16 year old with thousand degree glasses contemplating suicide

Discussion in 'Glasses' started by youidiota, May 27, 2005.

  1. youidiota

    ~ vera ~ Guest

    So who hinders you?

    Top posting is regarded to be very rude in the usenet - did you know that?
    But I have repaired that for you.

    You mean, you did not see the cross-post, but yet you complained about it?

    Are you clear sighted?

    Maybe the Lions Club could help you, too?
    Well, what do you think I am using?
    Do I call myself Mickey Mouse, maybe?

    ~ vera ~
    ~ http://www.acc-growing-deeper.de ~
    ~ http://www.acc-growing-deeper.de/Israel.htm ~
    ~ http://groups-beta.google.com/group/Growing-Deeper ~
    ~ http://www.e-sword.net ~
    ~ vera ~, May 27, 2005
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  2. youidiota

    youidiota Guest

    You wonder why I am worried about glasses? Lemme ask you, what is YOUR
    prescription and how bad are YOUR eyes? If they are nowhere above 6
    diopters then you don't know how I feel. How would you like being in
    your house and when you take your glasses off and you misplace them.
    Then you can't find them and you get all scared. How would like being
    judged by other people, having bulging eyes, and them acting like it is
    your fault when it is not. How would you like to be highly at risk for
    glaucoma, macular degeneration, cataracts, or detached retina at 30
    when you KNOW it was all preventable? Have you ever tried glasses on
    that are too strong? Why don't you try some really strong glasses on
    for a few hours and then you'll see what I mean. How would like being
    a little kid and them giving you glasses, and telling you that you look
    okay, that if you worry about your image, then there's something wrong
    with you, that you shouldn't worry about the way you look. This is
    exactly the opposite of the truth. We care about how we look. If we
    didn't care, then we would be attracted to the ugliest person and then
    have ugly kids, because looks don't matter. But we're not, we all
    strive for perfection, we want to look the best possible, and when
    you're asian, and you got a flat face, glasses will make you look much
    much worse. If you're white and have defined facial features, maybe
    you're okay, but if you're asian you're screwed. If I didn't wear
    glasses a lot less people would call me ugly. They act as if it's my
    fault I wanted to wear glasses. People say you should take
    responsibility for yourself. How do I take responsibility when the
    world is full of lies, and when you think you're taking responsibility
    for yourself by "studying hard" you're just making your life worse.
    How would you feel if you argued with your mom, and because she is
    bipolar and a women, she just tells you to "shut up" and to stop
    worring about this you can't change and to start worrying about things
    you can change. What if she doesn't even take responsibility for your
    myopia? What if when nudity is on a movie she puts her hand over your
    eyes? Thats like her wishing that you were temporarily blind when
    there is a nude scene? See how stupid women and our government and the
    optometric community is? And Christians, they suck too. Really, am I
    going to have myopia in hell? Really, is it God who made me blind? I
    must have done sins, when the only sin I did was being born into a
    house with no windows. Give me a F'ing break...
    youidiota, May 28, 2005
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  3. youidiota

    youidiota Guest

    I don't believe myopia reversal is bullshit, I just believe that it is
    to late for me. I know someone who is now 20/15. He wore glasses in
    China and had been through 3 pairs. He lost it for 2 months and in
    that time his vision healed. He was around 10. 10 seems to be the age
    that you can heal 10 and below. Any age above that is probably going
    to take really long, like decades or something. I'm sure that people
    who have myopia that are low can heal it. But I've worn glasses 9
    years straight. To "heal" seems impossible. Yes that is nine years
    straight without ever taking them off. I was afraid of the blur.
    Nowadays people's eye doctors tell them not to wear glasses in fear of
    making myopia worse. HOW COME LENSCRAFTERS NEVER TOLD ME THAT? You
    know I wouldn't mind being a low myope, but being a severe myope, and
    it's not even my fault, that's just depressing.
    And no I don't think anything else is causing my depression. Maybe
    because I am badlooking I am depressed because it will be harder to get
    a job or something, but I can assure you all of my problems are caused
    by myopia. They all go back to it.
    youidiota, May 28, 2005
  4. youidiota

    Meifumado Guest

    I think that glasses are fucking sexy and make anyone look fucking hot
    as hell.
    I wear them myself, but they don't make me look good, I'm afraid.

    Only beer goggles do that. :)

    D2 IS FUCKING ROCK! I loved that expansion, the druid and assasin were
    amazing charcters to play.
    Meifumado, May 28, 2005
  5. youidiota

    youidiota Guest

    I am not a girl Vera. I am glad I'm not a girl because girls who are
    ugly are treated much worse than bad looking guys. I'm just saying
    from a guy's point of view, that if I were a really hot girl, my life
    would be a hell of a lot better. Not only am I an asian male who only
    speaks English, I'm also an anti-feminist, because there is no one I
    know that is as dumb as my bipolar mom.
    youidiota, May 28, 2005
  6. youidiota

    youidiota Guest

    You fucking idiot. You're email sounds like a girls. See this is why
    women are stupid. Look my problem is NOT NORMAL. I told you already,
    no one has SEVERE MYOPIA like me. It is very rare in San Francisco,
    and it is NOT NORMAL OKAY? I've went to a psychologist who is a women.
    Remember women are the idiots who tell us not to masturbate and look
    at porn and want us to be blind so we can't look at porn. Well I'm
    blind. Oh yeah and to all the teachers. Look I'm blind, now I can't
    cheat on tests and look at other people's papers who sit next to me.
    Now I have a limited field of vision. HAPPY NOW? Look it is very rare
    for someone to HAVE NO WINDOWS. My psychologist is a women who does
    not wear glasses. Maybe she had lasik. My couselor has presbyopia and
    might have had lasik but i don't think so. WHY ARE WOMEN GIVEN JOBS?
    Look if I tried to talk to her about glasses, she should say that I am
    depressed, that I have low self esteem, which is basically calling me
    ugly because only ugly people have low self esteem. WHAT? A woman
    would say that people should have high self image even if they are
    ugly, that looks don't matter, skin color doesn't matter. Did you know
    that my mom's skin tone is so dark people think she's philipino? Do
    you know I have the darkest skin in my class in 7th grade? And I'm
    from Hong Kong, not Africa. People who think looks don't matter are
    stupid. And they always have to be so vague. You say looks don't
    matter? CAN YOU BE MORE SPECIFIC? Excuse me but looks don't matter in
    ahem, which situations, jobs, relationships? Okay then go marry an
    ugly person on purpose. What'd you say? We're all equal? Yeah I'm
    sure we all have the same amount of money. Idiot. Second thing about
    women, when they talk they talk and only care about how they feel, not
    how you feel, so you could go to a psychologist and they will just call
    you ugly over and over again, I'm not kidding. Women suck.
    youidiota, May 28, 2005
  7. youidiota

    youidiota Guest

    As cynical as Dr. Leukoma sounds, I have to agree. I MEAN COMMON. Do
    you think it's possible to reverse 9 years of wearing glasses non-stop
    all the time. I only know one other person with really bad eyes. And
    she thinks that going to sleep with your glasses on is an acheivement.
    That's why she's so bad. Now why am I so bad? Look even if it took 9
    years to reverse the 9 years of damage, I don't know what I'm saying
    anymore... The point is, I'm not wearing these really strong glasses!
    youidiota, May 28, 2005
  8. youidiota

    youidiota Guest

    But yeah I mean, it's like... on all these sights they talk about
    reversing myopia for CHILDREN. Well, what am I, THE 10 DIOPTER PERSON
    supposed to do? Do they have any advice?
    youidiota, May 28, 2005
  9. youidiota

    youidiota Guest

    So you're saying that because I do not have outer beauty, my soul is
    wrong? WHAT DOES THAT MEAN? See what I mean when I say all these
    feminist things are so vague? "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder".
    Really? Then why are all the popular kids goodlooking? I mean common
    what the hell does that phrase mean? All I know is that it gives false
    hope to ugly people.

    And about the Lion's club, well, I don't even know my prescription and,
    so far, I still have these glasses, also I don't know if I can get a
    job with glasses this blurry, we will have to see. Time will tell my
    youidiota, May 28, 2005
  10. youidiota

    youidiota Guest

    Yeah the assassin was good just get lightning sentury and do pindle
    runs. I got a stormshield and a 5 to all resist small charm in the
    first ladder season. Then my dad took my game away. I never found out
    if that was the way to get rich but I'm sure it was. And glasses are
    not sexy. Maybe it looks good on black people and white people but not
    asian. The circular gold ones are the ugliest too. The rectangle ones
    are usually the best looking. Anyway if you were kissing someone with
    severe myopia and you had severe myopia, do you have any idea how
    unhealthy it would be for you to look into their eyes? That's like
    looking through 2000 degrees of glasses onto something really close.
    That's like reading a book 3 inches away from your face.
    youidiota, May 28, 2005
  11. youidiota

    youidiota Guest

    you jerk, intacs will just make my eyes seem more bulging. And lasik?
    With my luck in life something will probably go wrong. Seven out of
    ten get injuries. Howard stern interviewed that lady from regus and
    kelly. She had 4 operations and the surgeon says that he will do
    surgery and then everything will be fine and then he says he has to
    operate again. Part of the reason why I hate glasses is how they made
    my left eye extrodinarily large and bulging.
    youidiota, May 28, 2005
  12. youidiota

    otisbrown Guest

    Dear Friend,

    There are ODs working to reverse myopia.

    Here is the discussion of an OD who did it herself.


    I regret that you were not taken to a prevention-minded
    OD before you received that first minus lens.

    You should have at least have been provided with
    this type of second-opinion.

    I don't know how you would have responded to
    advocacy for prevention -- at the threshold.


    otisbrown, May 28, 2005
  13. youidiota

    youidiota Guest

    Otis... I have been playing with my magnifying glass. I have seen
    that when I hold the magnifying glass a certain distance away from my
    face, the chart comes into perfect clarity. But the image is
    upsidedown. Can you explain this?
    youidiota, May 28, 2005
  14. youidiota

    otisbrown Guest

    Dear Friend,

    If you sketch the eye as a camera, with the image in front of
    the retina, and then use a long-focal length plus lens,
    you can show that at distant objects will appear "inverted"
    and in-focus on the retina.

    You can do this with out wearing your minus lens.

    Also, my experience was similar to yours. I asked
    a great many techical questions concerning
    the natural eye's behavior -- and got
    the "run-around". (If you read this NG you
    will find out the nature of "stiffing" people
    who ask honest questions about the
    dynamic and proven behavior of the eye.

    I resolved that the "next genearation" of
    pre-myopies (my sister's children) would
    not get the over-prescribed minus and
    stair-case myopia.

    Prevention is indeed difficult, but they
    were bright kids, and took analysis seriously
    and did it themselves -- because all
    they get is "stiffed" by the ODs who
    ignore all the critical experimental and
    scientific data.

    Currently, on engineer, Don Rehm has
    written a proposal that you be cautioned
    about the effect the minus lens has on the
    eye -- before you receive that first minus.
    In the future, maybe your children will
    get the opportunity that you and I never

    That is a goal worth fighting for. Devote
    your life to a "cause" outside yourself,
    and it will change you greately my friend.

    The real issue is to find that "cause" to
    help others. Not an easy task.


    otisbrown, May 28, 2005
  15. I'm sorry you have all this anger, and you're right that I can't
    understand that level of shortsightedness but I'm sure your feelings are
    valid. It's kind of interesting that you talk so much about appearances
    being important because obviously appearances mean nothing here. The
    overall _image_ you give people is based partly on your appearance but
    also on your manner, attitude, actions and so on. There are heaps of
    good looking but totally conceited people and to many of us I'm sure
    they are the most repulsive. The nicer kind of people around find that
    the nature of a person is of far more importance than sheer appearance.
    I know it sounds like empty platitudes to you because your experience
    has so far revolved perhaps exclusively around bad luck. But it's true!

    Now, I can't see you're going to get a girl fancy you while you're still
    hating all women. Do you like girls as things to look at and nothing
    more? Sure, there are loads of silly, superficial, stupid girls (as
    there are boys) who seem to be abundant in the teenage years. But the
    more mature ones can make lovely company! Of course, the teenage years
    are frought with difficulty for many people but it usually just takes a
    bit of patience.

    Regardless of how you feel about yourself and people around you, you're
    young and everything about you has plenty of change to occur yet,
    appearance, demeanor and opinions. And in addition to that, I don't
    think you've given any reason why you'd have to wear glasses indefinitely.

    I'm sorry about the way you've been treated but it's in the past. Your
    mum has her own problems and IF she had anything to do with your
    condition she wasn't to know about it. Can you imagine what it's like
    for her to deal with bipolar as well as feeling helpless over your
    suffering? I bet she would even appreciate some support herself.

    And at the end, you've just got to move on man! You've been stewing
    about having no windows in your room for the last decade or more? You
    can't change it. It's too late to blame everyone. Falling back on that
    anger is like falling back on thin air. What are your goals and why
    would you let anything get in your way?
    Marginal Product, May 28, 2005
  16. Well for those who are (still) interested, this vera person is
    stimulating as much crossposting as she can from that suicide group to
    this one. Have patience. It will calm down. Just make sure you don't
    answer anything here without removing any additional newsgroups from the
    header, especially anything from a suicide group (i.e., make sure
    sci.med.vision is the only newsgroup in the header). And it's probably a
    good idea to change the subject slightly, so this thing doesn't get out
    of hand.

    w.stacy, o.d.
    William Stacy, May 28, 2005
  17. youidiota

    Meifumado Guest

    **** man,

    Wanking must be a pain in the neck...


    Mine always used to slip down my nose so I had to keep propping them
    back up. Stop start glasses syndrome.
    But I gave up wanking a while ago to help me focus on training... Found
    I fight better without sex and orgasmic release.

    That sucks your dad took your game away... I'll post you a copy of both
    the original and expansion if you want?
    email me - I'm as confidential as this fucking newsgroup me.
    Meifumado, May 28, 2005
  18. youidiota

    Dr. Leukoma Guest

    Why do you say I am cynical, when Otis is clearly the cynic? He is
    deliberately using your tragic plight to make another grandstand about
    his so-called "prevention." Or perhaps you agree that false hope is
    better than no hope. Read on, and you will find just how cynical and
    remorseless Otis really is, and just how harmful his arguments can be.
    If you can find an effective way to shrink an eyeball, we would all
    love to hear it.

    There are much more effective ways of reducing the need for eyeglasses
    such as eye surgery or contact lenses. There are ways of obtaining
    them. Contact lenses aren't that expensive, my friend. I know of
    young people with higher prescriptions than yours, Asians, Indians, who
    lead happy and productive lives. Change the things you can change and
    let go of the rest. You cannot change the shape of your eye, but you
    can change your attitude about it.


    Dr. Leukoma, May 28, 2005
  19. youidiota

    ~ vera ~ Guest

    Sorry that I misinterpreted that. Maybe you should have added your first
    name that I could see you are male. I am sorry about your mom, and I know it
    is difficult to live with bi-polar people.

    Oh dear, so you have just said you decided to hate half of the population?

    How will you know what life is like for a hot looking girl? Be sure, they
    have their problems, too.

    I have found out that it does not matter much how things or people look
    like, but what is under the cover is what really matters, and how we deal
    with things and people.


    ~ vera ~
    ~ vera ~, May 28, 2005
  20. youidiota

    Dr. Leukoma Guest

    You can believe what you want to believe. Unfortunately, when one's
    beliefs do not correspond to physical reality, there is bound to be
    dissonance. Of course it is not your fault that you are myopic. In
    your case, it is genetic. You are what you are like a stone is a stone
    and water is water. There is nothing you could have done to change the
    outcome, and so do not keep blaming yourself, your parents, or
    Lenscrafters. You are a living organism, with a purpose, and you just
    have to figure out what that purpose is.

    In all probability, you are highly intelligent. Many myopes are.
    Because of their intelligence, they like to read, and there is an
    association between reading and myopia in susceptible individuals. Use
    your intelligence to figure out a pragmatic solution to your situation.

    Dr. Leukoma, May 28, 2005
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