16 year old with thousand degree glasses contemplating suicide

Discussion in 'Glasses' started by youidiota, May 27, 2005.

  1. youidiota

    youidiota Guest

    So it's normal to only be able to see 4 inches away from my face?
    That's genetic?

    If you ask me...

    Anyone with myopia that bad would have been elminated a long long time
    ago. Obviously no one can function with a maximum focal point of 4
    inches. You cannot read a book with the book on the desk, because it's
    too blurry. The only thing I can do is read a book on a bed, which,
    ironically is how I got myopia in the first place, that, and... not
    having a window.

    Also, I have affirmed that almost everyone in 11th grade says that
    their doctor tells them not to wear glasses all the time or else it
    will get worse. These are the low myopes. There are some people,
    however, who wear glasses all the time.

    So why do some people wear glasses all the time and so people wear them
    not all the time? The answer? It all depends on what their doctor
    told them.

    And think about it anyway, if the doctors admit that too much glasses
    wearing is bad, then why won't they admit that a little glasses wearing
    is bad, and that any glasses use at all is bad. Glasses are, afterall,

    It all depends on what your doctor tells you. When you first get your
    glasses you say that it hurts and then they say, you'll get used to it.
    You take this on as a homework assignment and then you get used to it.
    Then you wear it all the time, because the doctor implied that you
    should be able to, if you work hard enough, by which I mean making your
    eyes working hard enough.

    I have never had a doctor tell me that wearing glasses all the time
    would be detrimental. I have never been that lucky. It seems like all
    the people with severe myopia wear glasses all the time, while the
    people with light myopia don't.

    Also, if glasses don't hurt the eyes, then what is that great pain
    caused by accomodation when you try them on? What exactly is happening
    youidiota, May 29, 2005
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  2. youidiota

    phyknapp Guest

    Do as Dr. G says. You cannot think your way out of myopia. It will
    not kill you.

    You need to grow up a little (16 is very young) and accept that you can
    be helped by contact lens or better fitting glasses. In a few years,
    you will have your own means of income and not have to rely on your
    parents. I started wearing glasses at 7 and ended up -10. You can
    and will live a full and productive life. I was not ugly either.
    phyknapp, May 29, 2005
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  3. youidiota

    Tom Guest

    You don't think you can get a job because you are myopic? Good grief
    man. How do you think the rest of the world copes?

    Many of your American peers will be fat... that's far more revolting
    to look at than a pair of glasses.

    Tom, May 29, 2005
  4. youidiota

    Dr. Leukoma Guest

    Funny how homo sapiens survived as a species. We're not particularly
    strong, we're not particularly fast, but we are clever.
    Maybe most of the 11th graders in your class go to the same eccentric
    eye doctor.
    I've worn glasses all the time since age 7 years, and I read alot, too
    (or at least I did as a kid). I never got worse than -4.00. I am now
    I never had any pain from accommodation when I wore eyeglasses.
    Perhaps there is something wrong with your particular
    accommodative/convergence system. I seldom, if ever, hear that
    complaint from my patients.

    Now, it looks to me like you have cobbled together some anecdotal
    information combined with just plain bad information. If you would
    spend more time doing scientific research instead of internet surfing,
    I think you can begin to get the picture, which is that high myopia
    tends to be hereditary, and that reading makes some myopes worse at
    different rates. However, the conclusion from most scientists who make
    their careers out of studying this problem is that there is
    insufficient evidence about what causes myopia to warrant any change in
    the philosophy about prescribing eyeglasses.

    Dr. Leukoma, May 29, 2005
  5. youidiota

    Dr. Leukoma Guest

    Those sites are selling snake oil. There have always been snake oil

    You should get to know other people who are -10 myopes. Why not start
    a NG for 10 diopter myopes?

    Dr. Leukoma, May 29, 2005
  6. youidiota

    Dr. Leukoma Guest

    You haven't been visiting Otis' website, now, have you? Is that where
    you have gotten the notion that axial myopia is reversible?

    Dr. Leukoma, May 29, 2005
  7. youidiota

    otisbrown Guest

    Dear "G",

    If he had read my site he would have seen the words,
    potential vision clearing -- from 20/70 to pass the
    legal driving standard.

    But I NEVER use the term "axial myopia" because
    the measurement you make is a relative measurement
    of refractive state.

    For very low values of refractive status, I would
    suggest just using that term, and suggest
    you are "guessing" to determine if
    a refarctive state of -1/2 dipoters (20/40)
    is "axial" or "muscle spam", or "corneal"
    or any other words you might wish
    to use.

    Refractive state, using a Snellen and
    a trial lens kit is sufficient. The
    rest is your "spin" from your
    concept that the natural
    eye is a frozen box camera.

    As a "pardigm", yes it does
    make sense -- in a limited

    But the "dynamic eye" paradigm
    makes more sense -- when the natural
    eye is seen in broad perspective.


    otisbrown, May 29, 2005
  8. youidiota

    Dr. Leukoma Guest

    I know you can read, and so if you can read, please quote me chapter
    and verse where I stated that the eye was a frozen box camera, or is
    that you just making up things as usual? Lot's of faulty logic in your

    Dr. Leukoma, May 29, 2005
  9. youidiota

    Neil Brooks Guest

    Lest we forget: if it weren't for the *faulty* logic, a
    BestOtisEngineer post would have *no* logic at all.

    A medium like the Internet is a veritable petri dish for a guy like
    Otis. In a face-to-face debate, he might be forced to (dare I say?)
    answer our questions.....
    Neil Brooks, May 29, 2005
  10. youidiota

    otisbrown Guest

    Dear G,

    As soon as you take a refractive
    measurement (relative)
    and claim that it is a "length"
    you must make an un-proven
    assumption -- that the eye
    is a box-camera.

    With out that assumption,
    you can not state a length.

    Perhaps you do not understand
    the meaning of the word
    "refractive state", and
    work do determine if
    the natural eye is dynamic
    using basic concepts
    of the dynamic eye.

    You also insist that,
    on the basis of "input"
    versus "output" testing
    that a population of
    nature eyes will not
    change their refractive
    state in the direction
    and approzimate magnitued
    of thee applied minus lens.

    Only a froze box-camera
    WOULD NOT so change.;

    Your insistance that there
    is no relationship between
    the refractive state of the
    natural eye -- and
    it proven behavior
    is good proof of your acceptance
    of a concept that has never
    been proven.

    Thus you deny every fact
    you do not like -- and
    that is a function of your
    (professional) bias.

    The fact that other ODs,
    professionally trained as
    you are -- profoundly
    disagree with you on that
    scientifc point should
    give you (and others) pause
    about your concept of the eye.
    And I refer you to:


    If you doubt this concept
    of the "dynamic eye" (and
    true prevention) as the
    second opinion.

    Truly a techincal-scientific argument,
    and NOT a "medical" argument
    about objective scientifc facts
    concerning the dynamic behavior
    of the natural eye.

    The words you are using are
    the problem -- not the facts


    otisbrown, May 29, 2005
  11. youidiota

    Dr. Leukoma Guest

    Otis, your cover is blown.

    Dr. Leukoma, May 29, 2005
  12. youidiota

    ~ vera ~ Guest

    Beauty is very relative. Have you watched that cyber movie - what was thast
    name - where the ugly guy married the ugly princess in the end... hey, I
    mean the movie with the donkey, you will know it. Was it an Ork? I have
    forgotten. Bad memory. The one with those ears - oh, you will surely know.

    Hm... who says that all popular kids are good-looking? YOU think they are,
    while others might think YOU are good-looking. What are "ugly" people? I
    really cannot say there are such people. I for my part have found out that
    it does not mean much to be good-looking. It is your mind and heart that is

    So and if you have to wear these glasses - why not simply stand behind it?
    You are not your glasses, are you? If people just see your glasses, they are
    not worth to be seen by you.

    Head up, and get a bulb.



    Ask the others if they do not feel naked without glasses.

    Or try the contacts again, maybe a different sort. I am also sure that you
    could find out your prescription. Maybe you just go there where you got your
    glasses from and ask there. Hey, you are 16!

    Oh, but do not remind me... it was a terrible age for me. I always was in
    love and had heartache, because I fell in love with those who were not
    interested in me while others wanted to date me, but I did not want to go
    out with them... It was a terrible time, really. But it became better when I
    was a little older. Much better.


    ~ vera ~
    ~ vera ~, May 29, 2005
  13. youidiota

    youidiota Guest

    The most useful thing I got from posting this is learning about a bunch
    of sites of where to get glasses
    youidiota, May 30, 2005
  14. youidiota

    Dr. Leukoma Guest

    The thing is that if someone reading this knows enough to understand
    what Otis is saying, they also know enough to see the flaws in his
    reasoning. If they don't, then they won't understand the rebuttal,
    either, which makes the reply superfluous.

    Dr. Leukoma, May 30, 2005
  15. Otis, How can you not know? I am shocked!! You actually do not know that
    axial length can be measured. I must now assume that you think that every
    time an increase in myopic refraction is measured, we assume its an increase
    in axial length. Well Otis, axial length has been measured, it has been
    documented. Sorry to burst your bubble.
    Yeah, right (sarcasm intended)
    But you May insist without proof
    We need proof to offer the "second opinion" You insist that patients have
    the right to the second opinion and I will agree if you can prove it. Its so
    easy Otis, your job will be done, Just SHOW us proof Otis. But you can't.
    I love your logic.
    Cut the crap.
    All right. Name them, together with their qualifications please, but again
    you won't
    Where are the objective facts, show us. Bet you can't
    Well if the facts speak for themselves, stick to the facts. In science and
    medicine, words have to precisely defined. I can understand your confusion.


    Roland Izaac
    Philip D Izaac, May 30, 2005
  16. youidiota

    youidiota Guest

    Let me make this clear. It is not accomodative pain. But there is a
    great amount of pain associated with trying on glasses. There is more
    pain the stronger the glasses are. I'm just wondering, if they fully
    correct your eyes, then there should be no pain at all right?
    youidiota, Jun 1, 2005
  17. youidiota

    youidiota Guest

    If beauty is so relative, then why does everyone call me ugly?

    Think about it, define popularity. Popularity is something that you
    want. If you see a member of the opposite sex that you want, but
    cannot get, they automatically become popular. You can look at a
    person and determine whether they are popular or not.

    Why don't you get an ugly girl and see how popular she becomes? The
    guys won't want to have anything to do with her.

    Also, the movie you're talking about, "Shrek", they looked like black
    people. Giant foreheads, giant noses.

    If you think about it black people are the ugliest people. Skin
    complexion represents about 50% of beauty. The rest is facial
    structure. Just face it, for some reason dark skin is ugly and looks
    like dirt.

    And why don't I wear contacts? I told you my grandma called me ugly in
    some language that I don't understand. And people say I look angry and
    call me ugly even when I wear contacts. In fact they make fun of me
    more, scoffing at the fact that I'm trying to improve my vision. Just
    today someone kept talking about my eyes, and how giant they are. Do
    you know what caused this? Glasses. That's right.

    And to wooly, wooly ... look there are some people who wear glasses and
    don't have severe myopia and are goodlooking. But most people are
    really ugly and put on glasses and get even uglier. I guess you could
    put me in this category. If I never wore glasses, I would look
    slightly better, I would save myself a lot of embarrassment from
    walking up to the board. Blah blah blah...

    I'm starting to think that glasses are a byproduct of civilization.
    It's not normal to have no windows, and then get glasses and make it
    worse infinitely. And no one except me sees this as a serious problem,
    while the rest of us don't give a damn. I just wish I could have gone
    back in time, and gave myself a chance to be 20/20.

    But only in China do they prevent myopia. I guess when nations are
    civilized and the public is uneducated about the eye, it is inevitable
    for them to prevent myopia. When eye doctors just want to make more
    money, it's disgusting. My question again is why the glasses hurt so
    much to break into...
    youidiota, Jun 1, 2005
  18. youidiota

    Dr. Leukoma Guest

    OK. You say they prevent myopia in China? Well, what about his

    Myopia is the most common physical deficiency in the Chinese school age
    children and youth. The incidence of myopia are 20.6%, 49.8%, and 65.0%
    in the primary school, junior middle school and senior middle school
    students, respectively. Moreover, the incidence of myopia still shows a
    generally rising tendency, especially in the school girls and
    especially among the rural populations. (e.g., it rose from 10.4% to
    11.3% in the primary school boys and from 14.4% to 15.7% in the primary
    school girls, and it rose from 37.9% to 44.6%, and from 59.29% to 64%
    in the junior and senior middle school girls respectively, during the
    1985-1995 period). The incidence of myopia is even as high as 76.74% in
    the college students, and has risen in the last ten years from 63.9% to
    71.7% and from 67.2% to 77.6% in the males and females, respectively.

    It doesn't look they are doing such a great job of preventing myopia in

    Dr. Leukoma, Jun 1, 2005
  19. youidiota

    ~ vera ~ Guest

    Hey, that is a good sign. :)
    Good for her. All these guys would only want to have to do with her because
    she is beautiful??? They would not ask about her soul.
    Shrek! Yes. That was the name I was looking for. I did not see any black
    people in them.

    Indeed, the most beautiful woman I have ever seen in my life was black. I am
    not gay at all, but I stood there when she passed along, and simply wanted
    to tell her how beautiful she was. I have never seen such a beautiful woman
    again. But id does not say much about the happiness of people. Beautiful
    people can be very depressive, too. And, as you said, what is beauty anyway?
    Oh no! That is absolutely wrong to say - see above.
    No, it does not. Why should western white people sunbathe all the time in
    summer just to get tanned if that was the case?
    Oh really? I have always thought that glasses for short-sighted people make
    the eyes look much smaller, not bigger. :) Hey, you must really have some
    special glasses there, right?
    So it is not the glasses, but how you feel in general?

    Be comforted, if people call you ugly, you are surely NOT! One does not tell
    people who one thinks to be ugly that they are. I think you might have a
    problem which most teenagers have. You just THINK you are ugly. And others
    agree - so you are not. :)

    Look, that is me with glasses:


    or with contacts, you see:


    But you say you look angry -> -> -> that's it, maybe. You do not like
    yourself, so you look angry. Others do not want much of you because of that,
    maybe. If you try to forget your glases for a week... maybe things
    change...???? Why not try it out? Just have a look at the other people and
    think how funny they look without glasses. Paint them some imaginary, and
    you might smile at them. Just watch what happens.

    I do not think you are ugly. Nonononono. You are only not self-conscious.
    Okay, but you can't, but you can look into the future where people will be
    able to operate such things easily. Everything will be fine one day, you
    will see.
    Why do you keep up yourself with things you cannot change? Why not see what
    you can really do to solve this problem??? You can do it. You are old
    You see, everybody has a weak spot. Everybody. You can see badly, others may
    not feel good for other reasons.

    Have you ever thought of meeting other people who have myopia like you? Why
    do you not start a meeting with others? You could tell each other how very
    ugly you are.

    [No, you are a sweetheart, and surely not ugly. Best proof: They tell you!


    ~ vera ~
    ~ vera ~, Jun 1, 2005
  20. Now maybe you really wrote this, and maybe you didn't. But if you did...

    So I was right the first time I read a post from you. You are nuts.




    Give it up. Crawl back into alt.suicide.whatever and stay there. rot

    The rest of you guys on s.m.v.: stop cross posting to alt.whatever.
    You are polluting the environment. Go back and check all your posts to
    this group and see where else your posts have gone.


    w.stacy, o.d.
    William Stacy, Jun 1, 2005
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