24 years old, high myopia and astigmatism

Discussion in 'Eye-Care' started by george27, Dec 11, 2016.

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    Dec 11, 2016
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    The most recent card my eye doctor gave me has this prescription:

    RT: Sph. -10.50, Cyl. -2.50, Axis 160
    LT: Sph. -13.50, Cyl. -5.50, Axis 180

    I got my first pair of glasses when I was about 6 years old. I tried RGP lenses and soft toric lenses in middle school/junior high, but I never felt comfortable in either, so I've just stuck with glasses since then. Lately, though, the problems with my vision are becoming somewhat unbearable. I see most clearly with my left eye closed and cannot see anything very clearly with my right eye closed (this is with my glasses on). I can still function, but I'm very distracted by both low- and high-order aberrations and also experience headaches.

    I have begun to experience heavy starbursting, especially in my left eye (many lights seem to extend into infinity with my right eye closed). Additionally, due to (I think) the curvature of my lenses, I have extremely distracting chromatic aberration; my peripheral vision (within the scope of my lenses) produces colorful fringes (such as blue outlines around streetlights and headlights, or yellow fringes around white walls or people), and if I am not looking directly at a light (especially a blue or red light) it will shift within my field of vision based on which way my head is turned. For instance, if I am looking at the Petco logo (http://edawn.org/news/petco-breaks-...er-in-reno-nevada/#iLightbox[gallery764]/null) at my local store when it is lit up at night, and I turn my head to the right, the blue cat will actually end up situated to the right of the red dog. Really, lights are becoming increasingly difficult to be around; I can't even properly enjoy the Christmas lights around town anymore. Double vision also seems to be an issue (again, especially in my left eye), but this kind of goes hand in hand with the starbursts. I've also noticed it is difficult to focus in conversations because I cannot look at a person's face for too long without it seeming to... I dunno... blend in with the surroundings; this gets worse the farther away they are. It's just got me worried. I personally don't know anybody with similar eye problems.

    I went in for a LASIK consultation a couple years ago, and of course, I'm far from eligible. The doctor did tell me, however, that I may be a candidate for the Visian Toric ICL, which the FDA has yet to approve for use in the U.S. So I'm out of luck there, too. Although, I hear refractive surgery often reduces myopia/astigmatism at the expense of increased high-order aberrations.

    Are the starbursting and color problems treatable? I like to think that the color problems could be alleviated with contacts, that is if I'm still a candidate for them. At this point I may be willing to give them another shot. The starbursting I'm a bit more worried about. My eye doctor has told me I see 20/20 with my glasses my past few visits, but that just doesn't make sense to me. I know I don't see as clearly as I used to. I've also begun thinking more about these issues lately because I am about to start at a job that will require me to spend most of my day in front of a computer.

    Thanks for reading, as well as for any feedback anyone may provide.
    george27, Dec 11, 2016
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