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    Dear Prevention minded friends,

    Subject: An engineer helps his children avoid entry into

    Re: The primate eye behaves as expected.

    Re: It seems the parents must FIRST figure out that there
    children MUST begin wearing the plus at "zero" diopters --
    or else accept the consequences of NOT wearing the plus.

    Some parents finally "wake up" to the need for prevention at
    the threshold as an "now or never" choice. The HELP their
    children make systematic use of the plus to AVOID even entry into

    Obviously this type of dedication and support can NEVER be
    prescribed. Thus do it "yourself" seems to be the only way. Thus
    making the use of the prevetive plus might seem "tedious" but it
    is better than the alternative -- in MY OPINION. Here is the
    discussion for your interest.


    Myopia Prevention: Theory and Practic

    By Denis Alarie, P. Eng.

    To: Mr. Howard C. Howland
    W201 Seeley G Mudd Hall
    Cornell University
    Ithaca NY 14853 USA

    Dear Sir:

    About your ongoing research on the development of the eye.

    It was with a great deal of interest that I read an article
    in Discover magazine in the October 1995 Issue concerning your
    ongoing work on the development of the eye and its relation to bio

    I come from a family of 7 where both the parents are with
    normal vision and where all 5 of the children were nearsigthed and
    read a lot. I graduated from Queen's University in 1977 with a
    first class degree in Civil engineering and also graduated with
    courses in Genetics. This interestingly enough, gave me a
    background in evolution, genetics, mechanics and physics.

    I had believed since I was about 15 that their was a causal
    link between eye development and Myopia and indeed was immensely
    interested when I read an article supporting that position.

    At first (around 1972) I had hopes that by carefully
    managing the use of my eyes I would be able to reverse the myopia
    about (- 1 dioptre ). This I theorized would be done by using
    reading glasses to simulate an at rest condition. I experimented
    with various lenses used while reading and studying ranging from
    +1.5 dioptre to + 2.5 dioptre, all the while thinking of and
    studying the structure of the eye to see if I could gain a better
    understanding of the process.

    Part 2

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    Re: Parent Helps Kids avoid Myopia Entry
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    Part 2

    Although my eyes never improved they did not get any worse
    from a refractory point of view. It was relatively easy to
    experiment since my eyes did not have any astigmatism. I could
    therefore purchase glasses at the drug store for reading. I also
    talked my eye doctor into prescribing glasses at -0.75 dioptre
    that I would wear while attending classes. This did not do
    anything even though I played around with this concept for years.

    One thing that it did do was make me more aware of the minor
    changes which seemed to occur with my eyes due to atmospheric
    pressure, influence of alcohol and marijuana use, reading,
    driving, smoking.

    After I graduated 1977, I married in 1978 and had a family.
    My wife was a graduate nurse at University of Toronto and was
    mildly myopic with -0.50 in the right eye and -0.75 in the left
    eye. She did not wear her glasses which probably helped to
    prevent her vision from changing further.

    We have two daughters aged 15 and 11 both of whom have eyes
    that are almost perfect as far as spherical corrections are
    concerned they are both at 0 dioptre +/- 0.25. From the time that
    they were young I have encouraged good eye habits in both of them,
    ie don't sit too close to the TV, Head up when they walk Etc.

    When we moved to Timmins in 1987 we went to see an eye doctor
    by the name of Al MacIvor. He was talked into prescribing reading
    glasses for both of the kids. My reasoning was that since my
    eyes had stabilized at about -1.00 to -1.25 dioptre that reading
    glasses of +1.25 dioptre would probably be about the right level
    for them. Al said that both of the girls had very little reserve
    in their eyes and would both be myopic by the time they were 15.
    He looked at me with a bit of a glazed look in his eyes when I
    started talking to him about my ideas and probably thought I was
    talking about pyramid glasses etc. I insisted that the
    prescription not contain any cylindrical corrections.

    This now 1995 and the girls are fine. Their eyes basically
    have not changed in 8 years. They both are avid readers and
    computer users and they both wear their reading glasses.

    In a further elaboration to the above I have noticed that in
    the workplace where I work there is a very high incidence of
    occupational myopia in office workers. Truck drivers never
    develop myopia. Similar to your observations about the pilots who
    have good vision prior to their studies and poor vision after.

    I am not looking for anything from this. Just trying to help
    where I can and enjoying the chance to finally be able to transmit
    my information to someone who takes it seriously and has the
    professional credentials and interest in pursuing it further .

    Sincerely Yours

    Denis Alarie, P. Eng.
    otisbrown, Jun 1, 2006
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    Heh! no mushrooms! That's got to be it Ace. It's those
    mushrooms that ruined your vision. This guy did all the
    other drugs and his eyes didn't get worse. Did your brother
    avoid mushrooms too? I think we're on to something here.
    Does your dad let you use the printer? We can do a book
    to sell.

    Quick, Jun 1, 2006
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