A therapy for astigmatism. Posture and habitual eye movements create astigmatism?

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    J Am Optom Assoc. 1984 Dec;55(12):894-901.

    Eye scan therapy for astigmatism.

    Forrest EB.

    Two earlier papers

    (Astigmatism as a Function of Visual Scan, and Head Posture, Elliott
    Forrest, OEPF Clinical Report reprinted from the Am J Optom & Phsiol
    Optics, Vol. 57, No. 11. November 1980.

    A New Model of Functional Astigmatism, Elliott Forrest, JAOA, Volume
    52, Number 11, November 1981, pp 889-897.)

    introduced a new model of functional astigmatism. The investigation
    that led to the model indicated a relationship exists between
    meridional eye scanning habits and the formation of functional
    astigmatism. The present paper reviews the model and describes a
    clinical study involving the prescribing of specific eye scan therapy
    on a meridional basis. The results demonstrate that therapy involving
    eye scanning procedures has a positive effect on the control and
    reduction of astigmatism.



    J Am Optom Assoc. 1988 Dec;59(12):952-9.

    Visual conditions of symphony musicians.

    Harris P.

    Professional symphony musicians work in a very stressful environment
    which requires them to remain in asymmetric postures for long periods
    of time. The maladaptations (i.e., astigmatism and anisometropia) made
    as a result of the stress and the asymmetric postures are
    investigated. Forrest's astigmatism theory is restated and related to
    the musician with clinical data to support the theory. Stress
    management through imagery for the musician is discussed. A study is
    also discussed which shows that good sight readers in music use a
    fundamentally different eye scan pattern to read music from the
    pattern that they use to read written language.

    Full text:http://www.babousa.org/Symphony Article.pdf
    andrew Judd, Mar 25, 2005
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