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Discussion in 'Contact Lenses' started by green-i, Dec 16, 2004.

  1. green-i

    green-i Guest

    hi. i have some acuvue 2 colours in jade green, sapphire blue and pearl
    gray for sale. they are all in a -0.50 prescription with an 8.3 base
    curve. it is for people with almost perfect vision but slightly
    nearsighted (0.00/plano is for people with perfect vision). they don't
    expire until 2007 and they are all new and sealed. i am selling them
    for $10 per pair with shipping included. i only have 1 pair of green, 2
    pairs of blue, and 1 pair of gray. if you are interested in buying a
    pair or all 4 pairs then send me an email at .
    first come first serve. when they are gone then they are gone. these
    lenses are very comfortable and great if you just want to try on the
    color before buying a whole box. i have a new prescription so i don't
    need these anymore.

    here is what i think of the colors:

    green is very dark on my dark brown eyes. the color is like overcook
    spinach or brocoli (yellowish green) but they do look really natural
    and real. even a foot away the patterns on the lens do look like a
    natural iris. the color is simi translucent so it does look like your
    eyes are naturally green with depth and definition. it is really cool
    when you have light shining from the side of your eye and lighting up
    your iris underneath the lens and you look like you were born with
    naturally green eyes. so cool.

    the blue look ugly on my complexion because i have dark brown/black
    hair and a very light tan skintone. i look like those people with very
    light blue eyes and super tan skin. when i have the sapphire blue on
    they look like they are glowing because they are so bright. besides the
    color not working out with my skintone they do look amazingly real.
    this color is best for people with blond hair and very light skin. i
    think these are a bit bright even for someone with brown hair, unless
    this is the look you are going for.

    the gray is my favorite. it is so beautiful with my complexion and
    color do stand out but not like glowing like the sapphire blue. the
    gray is slightly purple-blue in color. very, very natural looking.
    doesn't stand out too much and it isn't too subtle where you can't see
    the color. i think this color will be good with any complexion.
    email me if you want to buy. thanks
    green-i, Dec 16, 2004
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  2. green-i

    nipidoc Guest

    Totally lame.

    Aside from the fact that it's illegal to sell these things without a
    valid prescription your prices are crazy. $10 per pair is $30 per box.
    I can get colored lenses for way cheaper than that, and they aren't
    lenses that someone has had lying around their house.

    nipidoc, Dec 16, 2004
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