Acuvue Oasys contact lenses not working out.

Discussion in 'Contact Lenses' started by TomMonger, Feb 24, 2006.

  1. TomMonger

    TomMonger Guest

    I got my new Oasys trial lenses yesterday. My OD said to wear the
    lenses 8 hours a day and to see him in a week. He said he needed to
    check my eyes because the Oasys lenses only come in 8.4 base curve, and
    I normally wear 8.7 (I used to wear 9.3, but went to 8.7 Acuvue 2's
    when J&J stopped making them a while back). He said they may be too
    tight for me. I think he may be right (a previous optometrist had once
    told me that my corneas were the flattest she had ever seen).

    I took the lenses out of their little packages and rinsed with aerosol
    saline spray. I wore them for 4 hours last evening, and although comfy
    when they first went in, my vision was poor. The left lens (+.50) was
    not strong enough, and the right lens (-.75) was fuzzy at a distance.
    Not sure if it was too weak or too strong. And they were irritating. I
    can't explain this very well, but they didn't burn or sting. It felt
    like I was hovered over a bowl of chopped onions, but without the tears
    and odor. And I had a good deal of lens "awareness".

    When I took them out, I cleaned and soaked them in AMO Complete
    Moisture Plus solution. This morning, I put them back in and
    encountered the same thing. I wound up removing them after 5 hours. My
    naked eyes felt better after about an hour. I had no visible redness
    and my vision was actually better *without* the lenses. I didn't see
    any red rings around my pupils or corneas.

    Last month, I tried the Acuvue Advance lenses and I experienced the
    same thing, but a bit more intense.

    Is it possible that I may be having a reaction to the silicone material
    in the lenses? Or is this a result of too-tight lenses?

    I will try again tomorrow. If this doesn't get better, I'll stay with
    my Acuvue 2's, unless there might be something else I can try. (The
    Acuvue 2's are comfy and my vision is really crisp, but they dry out

    -Tom in Scranton, PA USA
    TomMonger, Feb 24, 2006
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  2. TomMonger

    Dr. Leukoma Guest

    If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it
    is a duck. In this case, the duck would appear to be dry eye.

    Maybe you should be evaluated for dry eye and treated for dry eye

    Another observation is that your prescription is pretty minor, in which
    case the "noise" from lens dryness is exceeding the "signal" of the

    Dr. Leukoma, Feb 24, 2006
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  3. TomMonger

    TomMonger Guest

    Thanks for replying, Doc.

    I'm sure I have dry eyes, but none of these problems happen when I wear
    my normal Acuvue 2 lenses. The only problem I have with Acuvue 2s are
    that they dry out after 5 to 7 hours and sometimes won't move on my
    cornea. But I never get the same discomfort I've experienced with
    Advance or Oasys lenses. I expected equal or better comfort, and for a
    longer period of time.

    -Tom in Scranton, PA USA
    TomMonger, Feb 24, 2006
  4. When your eyes are really flat, like yours and mine are, an 8.4 will
    NEVER fit well. Period. The fact that Oasis comes in "one size" means
    simply that its cheaper to make it that way. They aren't doing you any
    favors. Period. Finally, when a patient is allergic to the silicone
    component of the silicone hydrogel lenses, he gets a "ass-backwards"
    response that these super-wet lenses feel extra dry. Sounds like you.

    So, the bottom line is that Oasis would never fit your eye, and you
    sound as if you are allergic to it anyway. I have super flat eyes, and
    I personally love the Biomedics 55 Aspheric lens, also known as
    Biomedics Premier. The fact that it is an aspheric lens lets it lay
    down on a flat eye without pinching. If you are as flat as you say you
    are, the 8.6
    Biomedics Aspheric will beat that Acuvue 2 anyday. I love mine.
    doctor_my_eye, Feb 25, 2006
  5. TomMonger

    TomMonger Guest

    Thanks, Doc My Eye, for your response. When I go for my one-week check
    up, I'll mention Biomedics. I'm willing to try anything that will give
    me acuity of Acuvue 2, but last a couple hours longer!

    I've been reading up on Proclear Compatibles. Are these worth a try?
    Are they under a new name now?

    -Tom in Scranton, PA USA
    TomMonger, Feb 26, 2006
  6. TomMonger

    chipster Guest

    Hi Tom,

    Thanks for your posts. I am interested in how your case turns out. It
    seems similar to what I am trying. Please update you progress.

    Doctor said he likes the way the Biomedics allow him to see, and
    suggests that you might like these as well. I tried them, and they were
    great, except they dried out in a day's wear time, before I was ready
    to take them out.

    You mentioned you had looked into proclear compatibles. The thing is, I
    understand the new Biomedics XC is basically the same lens as the
    Biomedics Premier, but in the proclear material. This lens has just
    recently come on the market, have you tried it?

    Doctor, have you tried the Biomedics XC yourself? What do you think?

    chipster, Mar 2, 2006
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