Adelaide University Dean of Law called a "blind bitch" by major newschannel reporter

Discussion in 'Optometry Archives' started by politicatuni, Apr 19, 2009.

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    The Adelaide University's Professor Rosemary Owens (Dean of Laws) has
    allegedly called on Professor Peter Dowd (Dean of Engineering) to quit
    admist his non-confidential treatment of her beloved student Lavinia
    Emmett-Grey; which was quickly replied by Peter Dowd's request for
    Rosemary Owens' dismissal. Neither of them were reachable at the date
    of publish.

    Rosemary Owens has also apparently failed to grab readers despite her
    media spin team creating a Wikipedia page that was disputed for
    validity (because it was alleged that Rosemary Owens herself wrote the
    content). A weblogger also criticized Professor Owens for heading up
    an alleged secretive society, titled "Promoting Women in the Law
    School to Senior Executive Positions" including Anne Hewitt, Judith
    Gardam, Susan Bartie, Laura Grenfell, Ngaire Naffine, Bernadette
    Richards, and of course Rosemary Owens herself.

    It was noted that Ngaire Naffine, as an associate professor was
    "likely" to be the new head at the Law School, which was asked by law
    students to "devour" this "feminist monster".

    Anne Hewitt wsa also insulted as being "unintelligent", alongside
    Judith Gardam who was named "unprofessional".
    politicatuni, Apr 19, 2009
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