Advice: 1.70 EYRY for -1.75 Rx & Silhouette drill-mount

Discussion in 'Optometry Archives' started by CD, Sep 9, 2005.

  1. CD

    CD Guest

    Hello all! What an informative group. Hopefully, some of you will
    share your advice on the following...

    I am engaged in purchasing a new pair of Silhouette rimless eyeglasses,
    and have spent considerable time learning about various lens choices.
    Time and again, I have heard and read great things about Hoya, so I
    intend to ask that my optician use a high-end Hoya product. To this
    end, I have a quick question regarding the suitability of their
    high-index offerings...

    I am interested in their 1.70 EYRY product. My single vision Rx,
    however, is as follows:
    R: -1.25, -1.00, 105
    L: -1.75, -.75, 73
    Lens size = 46.

    Owing to my light prescription, my optician has frowned upon the 1.70
    EYRY option, saying that the resulting thinness would produce a
    dangerous final product. I understand that high-index might, indeed,
    be overkill for an already-thin prescription, but I am unsure whether
    my optician's concerns have merit (or are driven merely by the
    difficulty--but not impracticality--of producing the product). I have
    spoken to a Hoya Vision representative in Dallas, who said that the 1.7
    EYRY product would be a fantastic choice for all prescriptions, and
    certainly would accommodate my numbers above. This was also affirmed
    today by a General Manager of a Hoya Lab, who affirmatively stated that
    the EYRY would work for me (overkill, notwithstanding). Based on my
    own readings, I assume that this lens would need to be specially-ground
    so as not to produce a center measurement failing impact resistance...

    To date, my optician has pushed Hoya's Phoenix product. I appreciate
    the fine optics and impact resistance of Trivex, but I am interested in
    the "latest/greatest" optical technology (which, to me means "insanely
    thin" with above-average optics) that money can buy for my low Rx, and
    believe that Phoenix would not achieve my uber-thinness goals. Impact
    resistance is not a big concern, as I will use the product in an
    executive office setting (i.e. not during sports, etc). I would like
    to end up with a pair of glasses with ~2mm lens edge (comparable to my
    drill mount Maui Jim sunglasses). On this drill mount, I would
    probably deem anything much over 3mm as undesirable... IMHO, a few
    hairs' difference is noticeable in these drill mounts...

    Having shared my concerns and goals, I would appreciate any brief
    advice from you all re: the suitability of a high-index product for
    this type of application. Along these same lines, if you happen to
    alternatively recommend the Phoenix (Trivex) product, I would also
    appreciate this feedback, too.

    Thank you!!

    PS: Aside question... The lens on my ten year old glasses have a VERY
    faint yellow hue (you can see it if you place a white sheet of paper
    under them). Most people cannot see it, but I definitely can (call me
    "obsessive" if you havent already!) and would like to avoid this hue on
    my next pair of eyeglasses. Any idea what causes this faint
    coloration? These glasses have either plastic or polycarb, I guess,
    and I may have some type of coating...
    CD, Sep 9, 2005
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  2. CD

    CD Guest

    CD, Sep 12, 2005
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