advice on eyeglasses after cataract surgery/IOL implants

Discussion in 'Glasses' started by fchsia1, May 17, 2007.

  1. fchsia1

    fchsia1 Guest

    I had cataract surgery in both eyes over a month ago, and with the new
    IOLs, have gone from O.D.-12.75 and O.S.-14.00 sph / 0.50 cyl / 068
    axis to O.D.-3.00 sph / -0.75 cyl / 170 axis and O.S. -0.50 sph /
    -1.25 cyl / 010 axis. Needless to say this is a miraculous change,
    but not without complications. I can now see the alarm clock, even
    read both print and computer pretty well (right eye must be
    dominating), but I do need glasses for distance (reading headlines on
    the TV, road signs). The only suggestions my optometrist has made are
    for polycarb lens.

    Having looked at the many informative exchanges on this group, I now
    wonder if I should be considering other issues, such as abbe values of
    lens materials, aspheric vs. spheric, etc. From previous discussions,
    I gather that anything higher than 1.60 index is probably not going to
    benefit my current Rx (I have had my fill with high-index lenses,
    colored halos, and peripheral distortion); also that a good anti-
    reflective coating and no polished edges are vital. I've picked
    Flexon 717 frames with a 47 eye size, so light, small, and also
    sitting close to the eyes. The optician is primarily hooked up with
    Essilor and was very unsure about being able to get Trilex, but
    thought that they could probably get Spectralite, possibly Sola and
    Hoya 1.60s, I didn't ask about others.

    Lastly I should add that I do experience noticeable glare and haloes
    with the IOLs, and that I already know that I will have to have follow-
    up surgery in a few months to zap the posterior capsular haze already
    developing in both eyes (vision has certainly begun to deteriorate
    post surgery). Hopefully the second set of surgeries will improve
    matters again, but I'll certainly still need glasses afterwards for

    Being able to read, write, and work on the computer without strain is
    my most important consideration. I understand that many factors are
    at issue in "without strain" - thickness, distortion, weight, shifting
    from near to far viewing distances (should I be thinking about
    progressives?) - but I would be most grateful for any and all

    fchsia1, May 17, 2007
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  2. fchsia1

    Florence H Guest

    Thanks so much for your input. While waiting for my (single-vision
    distance) glasses I'm starting to think that your suggestion for
    multifocals may be right. For about a week now I've been trying to
    read + do computer work as I would normally - the first time I've
    tried doing so since my surgeries - and am getting pretty consistent
    eyestrain and headaches. The optometrist thought that it was due to
    the strain of trying to focus at distance without correction, but
    perhaps it's because I also really need correction for near vision as
    well (I guess this is what an earlier poster meant about an "add").
    When I asked whether I needed near vision correction they said, well,
    can you read? and after I said, well, sort of, they seemed satisfied.
    I just called the clinic today to report on the eyestrain and was told
    to wait for the glasses and to see how those worked out.
    between giving the professional enough feedback about one's vision and
    just being a difficult patient.

    Many thanks again.
    Florence H, May 24, 2007
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