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Discussion in 'Optometry Archives' started by Rishi Giovanni Gatti, Jan 6, 2004.

  1. It would be very much interesting to know how things are going after
    some time has passed by.

    We were talking about that stupid man that used to stare at the sun, but
    only one eye developed a "macular burn".

    What has happened to the man?

    IS his physician still writing here?

    I remember the man was myopic but could do without glasses.

    Then an idiot doctor put glasses on him: it would be interesting to know
    how is he doing now, if his myopia has worsened and his maculopatia

    Also, what about other big shots here?
    Is Dan Abel doing well?
    And Mike Tyrner, is he still wearing and unwearing his plus lenses for
    presbyopia fifty times a day or has the number increased?
    And where is the super-idiot FHK, the great debater who declared he was
    self-cured thanks to the Bates Method and then has simploy disappeared
    just to confess he was simply lying?
    Where is Mr. Kevin Wooding, the great English Bates Teacher who happens
    to have -8 dioptres refraction, and can read just 20/50?
    What about REFRACTIVE SURGERY? Is still a good business? There are no
    more complaints? What is the story of the bad cases who filed complaint?
    Has some doctor put in jail?
    What about Tiger Woods and Nicole Kidman? Are they doing well after
    their LASIK? (The Woods, apart his big fortune he has won on golf,
    appears really like a big idiot in the pictures published at his wedding
    ceremony! It seems he has got some big flash in his eyes and is gasping.
    Mrs Kidman of course is more subtle, somebody says she is beautiful, but
    to me it seems, according to her gaze, she has a big baseball bat stuck
    inside her ass).

    It will be good to read some answers.
    Rishi Giovanni Gatti, Jan 6, 2004
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