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Discussion in 'Eye-Care' started by JDT, Sep 28, 2006.

  1. JDT

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    I have a couple of questions for the vision professionals in this
    group. First, the facts, male, 52, good health, wear glasses but
    correction is small.

    1. During my last eye exam, May 2006, the optometrist observed "small
    drusen". In the past another O.D. said he saw some minor mottling on my
    retina. Current O.D. said that the drusen were very small in size and
    their numbers/size appropriate for my age. Reading texts on AMD
    suggests that there are numerous different 'drusen' types with
    differing prognoses. Optometrist suggested, and I am taking, the AREDS
    supplements. To date, Amsler grid tests are normal. Question: is there
    evidence that AREDS works at this early stage? Also, is it normal for
    drusen to be present at age 52? Should I seek out further medical
    advice on possible AMD at present or am I overreacting?

    2. Probably unrelated to above: increasingly in the last several
    months, bright point light sources at night have starred or haze
    effects. Shape and type is dependent on source: car headlights look
    like a star while linear-bulb streetlights have a rectangular haze like
    field surrounding the light. Effect is sort of like a halo in that I
    see the light sharp and just fine but several degrees out from the
    light source is the haze or starry streaks. All of these remind me of
    diffraction patterns (i.e. almost like looking through a diffraction
    grating)--regular lines, circles, star streaks in all. Though
    noticeable, the effect is not severe and doesn't impair function,
    including driving. Didn't notice enough last May to tell O.D. but he
    did say that my eyes were clear of cataracts (then). I do have floaters
    from PVD but these patterns have nothing to do with the floater
    patterns. The light stars or haze is constant, not changing and
    definitely in my eyes as +/- glasses or change in distance from light
    has no effect on sharpness or presence of the patterns.
    Diffraction-like appearance does change depending on light distance and
    intensity. Don't think that I have lost much if any contrast; neither
    is my sight getting yellowish. What is most likely going on is this
    early stage cataract or some other age thing?

    Thank you
    JDT, Sep 28, 2006
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