Aging Myopic, having a hard time seeing computer screen when 3-4 ft away

Discussion in 'Glasses' started by k.maurice, Apr 1, 2022.

  1. k.maurice


    Apr 1, 2022
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    Hi. I am 52 years old and near sighted. When I take my glasses off, I can see the monitor perfectly as long as I am within 3 feet, after 3 feet I cant see without my glasses or with my glasses. My prescription for distance is recent, and it's good. I can read signs/notes on the bulletin board well, 10 feet away. I can read road signs without much issue. Problem is, I'm going into training at work and will need to shadow behind someone working on the computer and watch what they are doing (3-5 feet away from the monitor). If I pull my glasses 6 inches away from my face, I can read at that distance, but this is not an ideal solution as it takes me a few seconds to get the right focus through my glasses, and at that point I've missed the first few entries. Does anyone have any suggestions?

    O.D. (Right)
    -3.50 -1.00 +175
    O.S. (Left)
    -2.50 0.00 0
    k.maurice, Apr 1, 2022
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