Any treatment for refractive amplyopia?

Discussion in 'Optometry Archives' started by yung, Jul 29, 2003.

  1. yung

    yung Guest

    My nephew had his first eye exam today at the age of 11. his Rx was
    +4.75 right eye, and +5.00 left eye. he was diagonosed with refractive
    amplyopia since his best acuity was 20/100 right eye and 20/200 left
    eye. the eye doc said he wanted to refer him to a pediatric
    optometrist for vision therapy to improve the vision as soon as
    possible, b/4 he gets older and the chance of getting better vision
    will be reduced. he said he would have managed the case if my nephew
    was younger, but since my nephew is older the eye doc said he wasn't
    comfotable treating the amblyopia. what's the likely hood of my
    nephew getting 20/20 vision in the future?

    yung, Jul 29, 2003
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  2. yung

    Kory Postma Guest

    If you use Bates method then it is possible. If you allow them to put
    glasses on the child then it will take longer. If you don't try Bates
    at all then orthodox says he will never get 20/20. But Bates was able
    to obtain 20/10 in most patients, 30/10 in a very few, and acuity to
    see the moons of Jupiter with the naked eye in one. I think and also but there are also
    Bates books on Relearning to See being one of them. I
    hope that helps.
    Kory Postma, Jul 29, 2003
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  3. yung

    End User Guest

    i am still a student (fourth year extern) but i have been working with
    children as old as 14 with their amblyopia. typically most docs like to
    work on amblyopia before 6 years old but there is still some plasticity
    (flexibility) in the visual system at that age and the more motivated the
    patient (and parents) are, the better the possible results; and it's not
    going to make the amblyopia worse. perhaps you should seek the services of
    a VT (visual training/therapy) doctor, or ask your doctor to reconsider.
    the acuity should improve with the glasses alone but in my opinion the only
    thing to lose with trying is some time (and some money). getting to 20/20
    is an immense goal, but getting better than his current state (20/100
    20/200) seems realistic.
    again, i am still a student, but perhaps revisit the issue with the doctor.
    End User, Jul 30, 2003
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