Anybody remember ol' Fred Deakins, USAF pilot?

Discussion in 'Optometry Archives' started by Neil Brooks, Apr 3, 2006.

  1. Neil Brooks

    Neil Brooks Guest

    If you do a little digging, here's what you find out about Fred
    Deakins. There's some stream-of-consciousness type stuff here, but it
    becomes rather obvious that either this IS Uncle Otie's "Fred Deakins"
    -- who worked as a medic and--from what I can see--never flew a plane
    .... OR ... there IS no Fred Deakins (as Otis describes him).

    That Fred Deakins website - - comes back
    registered to a Nevada corporation -- perhaps the actual owner of the
    domain name is Otis?? Could be.


    The point-of-contact for this memorial is
    a fellow medic from Charlie Med,
    Fred Deakins
    620 Carson Creek Rd., Limestone, Tn. 37681

    19 Apr 2001
    Doc Fred Deakins

    Here are the Zips:



    Deakins, Fred

    620 Carson Creek Rd
    Limestone, TN 37681



    last post 2/26/06

    May 9, 1947
    Disabled Vet [PTSD]
    Eastern Tennessee
    Backpacking, fishing, gardening

    19 Apr 2001
    It has been thirty-four years since we lost you, buddy. I still think
    of you almost every day and how you died to save others. You are my
    hero. I have a rubbing of your name I got from from the Wall. It is
    framed on my mantle.

    This Tennesse hillbilly will never forget you.

    From a fellow "Charlie Med" medic,
    Fred Deakins
    620 Carson Creek Rd., Limestone, Tn. 37681

    09 May 2003
    Evans, you touched so many of us in the company.

    I want you to know that Tom Breau, Fred Deakins, Norm Roberage, Rich
    Kraus, Henderson McKee and John Waterman are all in contact.

    We all said the same thing when first we talked,
    how much we all missed you.

    Love you.
    Your brother,

    From Rich Kraus
    2608 East Somerset St, Philadelphia PA 19134
    1/12/01 12:17:08 AM
    I do know a bit about PTSD. I worked in a hospital as a
    supervisor of nurses for many years

    1/13/01 2:48:39 AM
    What exactly does your DD214 say? Do you have a less than
    honorable discharge or what? Fred Deakins
    Neil Brooks, Apr 3, 2006
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  2. Neil Brooks

    John Yasar Guest

    *From Fred Deakins to me;*

    PFC Yasar,

    I understand that you have significantly cleared your vision using the
    plus lens. Congratulations....that takes an immense amount of
    determination and faith. I have been through the same trials that you
    have recently overcome, back in 1996. My vision prior to a Bachelor of
    Engineering - 20/20. My vision after - 20/70. At the time, the USAF
    required 20/20 uncorrected for guys walking in off the street (me), but
    allowed a cycloplegic retinoscopy of up to -0.75 diopters with no more
    than 0.25 D astigmatism correction about the baseline RE.

    After finally getting a pilot slot, I stopped using the plus lens and
    haven't used it since. It was August 2004 when I could no longer see
    20/20 uncorrected (I could only get the 20/25 line both eyes). I'm
    currently a JSUPT T-1A Instructor Pilot at Vance AFB, Oklahoma.

    Although you have had great success with the plus, I understand that you
    see "ghosting" now. I know that there can be many reasons for this, but
    the most common ones are usually due to either nutritional deficiencies
    or abnormal tear production. I don't know your specific details, and I
    don't presume to be an eye doctor, but I'm curious what your base OD
    said to you about this?

    I also know that ghosting can become apparent after visual acuity is
    improved. It has always been a problem, but the person affected does not
    notice it until they have a clearer field of vision to compare against.
    Do you normally wear glasses? If so, have you ever noticed this problem
    with them on?

    Anyway, great to hear from you. You are one of the 98 percentile who was
    actually able to do what eye doctors insist that cannot be done. After
    being told time and time again that what I did couldn't happen, I now
    just shrug and go step to my jet. It's not worth the bellyache for me
    anymore to argue with anyone. People's close mindedness prevents them
    from ever achieving greatness, a condition that I could care less if
    they ever achieve or not.

    I'd be happy to hear about your adventures with the plus, your
    challenges and successes, lows and highs, etc. I'm also interested in
    your opinions regarding the use of the plus.


    Fred T. Deakins

    Mehmet Yasar,

    Please call me Fred. No chain of command between us and this is outside
    the military. I guess I misread your e-mail to Otis. I thought that you
    said that you improved your vision with the plus lens.

    As I understand your e-mail, you tried the plus lens, decided that it
    wasn't for you, and now side with the doctors? Nothing wrong with
    that...after all, they have the sheepskin. I disagree with them because
    their theories do not hold up under scrutiny. I've been told that myopia
    is caused by my genes. I've been told that my myopia is caused by too
    much near work, but that near work doesn't cause myopia. I've been told
    that the plus lens can relieve eye strain and that eye strain causes
    myopia, but that the plus lens cannot prevent eye strain....yada, yada,
    yada. Can't they provide me with a concrete physiological or
    epistemologic progression of myopia? If not, if they truly don't
    understand the inner workings of myopia, then how can they tell me that
    prescription lenses do not make it worse? You seem to agree that the
    wear of your prescription lenses make your vision more blurry after
    taking them off. Additionally, if you don't care (after getting your
    helicoptor pilot slot) whether the army makes you wear glasses, do you
    not agree that this would make your eyesight even worse? You said that
    you simply hate to have to wear glasses. Interesting words you write. I
    don't understand...

    Every time I've tried to better understand the working of the eye by
    talking to an eye doctor, I get the "talk to the hand" attitude from
    them. It's interesting that any other doctor will take the time to
    explain a particular ailment, but most eye doctors resort to heckling a
    person for trying to better understand their profession and their
    problems. They are a very protective society regarding their profession.
    That in and of itself is very interesting. I don't believe that other
    medical professionals have to defend their practice to such a degree.
    Maybe that is because MD's, as a practice, do not focus on treating
    symptoms like eye doctors do.

    Thank you for the invitation to join, but I won't waste
    my time discussing science with people on a hidden political agenda.
    Besides, what could I say that would change the mind of a person
    convinced that their knowledge is far superior to mine? It reminds me of
    the founder of FedEx when he was in college writing of his master
    business plan only to be rejected by his business professor as a plan
    that would never work. Be careful who you decide to "side" with. My
    strongest recommendation to you is to do your own research and come to
    your own conclusions. Use the logic acid test. Ask an eye doctor to
    explain the process of increasing myopia in medical terms. Then ask them
    to translate that into "average Joe" language. I think you'll be very
    surprised at the lack of response. Rather, you'll get political mumbo
    jumbo. Try it!

    Best of luck to you in your personal pursuits. I hope that you are able
    to find what you are looking for regarding eyesight improvement and in
    your career. If there is anything that I can do to assist you, please
    let me know.

    Fred T. Deakins
    John Yasar, Apr 4, 2006
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  3. Neil Brooks

    Neil Brooks Guest


    Have you been able to verify his identity ... as a USAF Captain and

    We'll ignore, for the moment, the claims to vision improvement, and
    whether or not they were done with cycloplegia....
    Neil Brooks, Apr 4, 2006
  4. Neil Brooks

    John Yasar Guest

    No Neil, I was not able to. I can only access Army databases on a
    military level. However "" website has a buddy finder
    database search, I wonder if he ever registered there.

    Note the part where he says USAF vision requirement was 20/20 in 1996. I
    have had pilots told me that in 1991 they entered service with worse
    vision. Neil, he never answered any question about his current Rx, if he
    slanders his service ODs like he does to their civilian counterparts, or
    he listens to their advice, or USAF is informed about his business. He
    is also blinded with the falsehood that all ODs out there has a secret
    agenda to slap glasses on your face and make money. I CAN NOT believe
    that myself. Especially meeting people such as DrG, Bill Stacy, etc.
    John Yasar, Apr 4, 2006
  5. Neil Brooks

    Dan Abel Guest

    Fred has the support of the experts in the field:

    "Even trusted professionals recommend my book. During my years of study,
    I made friends with one of the most respected optical engineers at NASA,
    Mr. Otis Brown, who has made painstaking contributions to my system;"

    Elsewhere on the same web page, Otis is referred to as an aeronautical

    On this group, Otis refers to himself as an electrical engineer.

    I guess they're all the same?
    Dan Abel, Apr 4, 2006
  6. Neil Brooks

    otisbrown Guest

    Dear Dan,

    No, electrical engineers and optical engineers are not the same.



    Elsewhere on the same web page, Otis is referred to as an aeronautical

    On this group, Otis refers to himself as an electrical engineer.

    I guess they're all the same?
    otisbrown, Apr 4, 2006
  7. Neil Brooks

    John Yasar Guest

    What is an optical engineer? Excuse my ignorance, but are you an optical
    John Yasar, Apr 4, 2006
  8. Neil Brooks

    Dan Abel Guest

    And Fred's web site says he's an aeronautical engineer also. What a man!
    Dan Abel, Apr 4, 2006
  9. Neil Brooks

    Neil Brooks Guest

    Hey, John....

    I don't remember Otis Brown warrning you about the KNOWN side-effects
    associated with the use of the plus lens, do you?

    Here's what his only friend in the world, Donald Rehm, told the FDA:

    "A percentage of children may have difficulty "accepting" a large
    add because of the strong linkage in the human visual system between
    accommodation and convergence (turning the eyes inward when looking at
    something close). As a viewed object approaches the eyes, accommodation
    and convergence increase in proportion to each other. Over thousands of
    years, the brain has learned that this is the normal situation.
    Consequently, accommodation stimulates convergence and vice versa.
    Thus, if we converge without accommodating the appropriate amount, or
    if we accommodate without converging the appropriate amount, problems
    can develop for this small percentage of children such as eye fatigue,
    double vision, or other types of fusion problems. That is, the two
    images can no longer be fused together without discomfort. Normal
    binocular vision is interfered with. For this reason, the book or other
    close object should a/ways be held as far as possible from the eyes to
    f-educe the amount of convergence needed."

    Does any of that sound familiar to you? I've never really heard Otis
    Brown warn people that they might get "eye fatigue, double vision, or
    other types of fusion problem."

    That must be one really nice advantage to not having to worry about
    your medical license, huh? You really don't have to take
    responsibility for the ill effects of your actions.

    Also, as of 7/24/04, here's the truth about whether of not Otis Brown
    has an economic interest in the garbage that he spouts. Quoting Otis
    Brown here:

    "Nearsightedness prevention (and restoration) from 20/50 to 20/20 is
    possible. I wanted to make certain that pilots with intense motivation
    were successful in this effort. The book I prepared documents both
    their success, and the amount of effort it took to pass the 20/20 (0.9
    cm/6 meters) test. Since this is a "commercial" I must state that I
    plan to sell the book in the future. For the present time about 50
    percent of the book in on my site:"

    That "site," by the way, still links to the "Send $24.95 to...."

    Lying scumbag, Otis Brown ... lying scumbag. You're lower than any of
    the doctors that you've so long accused.
    Neil Brooks, Apr 6, 2006
  10. Neil Brooks

    John Yasar Guest

    I have paid for that book yes. In 2004. 20 bucks. I also read about the
    convergence issues once I realized the discomfort in having a too
    strong plus (read +3.00 suggested also by Ace) I quit using plus 95% of
    the day. I only use it for reading and computer from time to time. Even
    then, it doesn't make a whole lot difference.
    John Yasar, Apr 6, 2006
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