Aphakic one eye, high myope the other

Discussion in 'Eye-Care' started by Eyzhveit, Aug 20, 2003.

  1. Eyzhveit

    Eyzhveit Guest

    Hello group
    I am an Optician working for a private Optometrist and we have run up
    against a challenging patient. Our patient is aphakic in the R eye
    with several retinal detachments. She only has some peripheral vision
    in that eye. The left eye is -10.25 -0.75 X180. She wears contacts but
    wanted to get glasses to wear a little more often. She is not a good
    candidate for an IOL and does not want to do Lasik on the L eye even
    if she were a candidate.
    Originally our Optometrist prescribed a plano in the R eye and the
    full RX in the L but the patient had symptoms of double vision. Then
    he put a -5.00 in the R lens as a "balance" but that also has not
    Has anyone else had a case like this? Can you give some advice on what
    we might be able to do to allow this patient to wear glasses and not
    rely on her contact lenses all the time.
    Thanks in advance,
    Laura ABOC
    Eyzhveit, Aug 20, 2003
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  2. Eyzhveit

    Dan Abel Guest

    I'm surprised that she has double vision if she has no central vision in
    one eye.

    During the five years between my cataract surgery for my right eye and
    then my left, I was plano in the right eye and -9D in the left eye. I
    wore contacts almost 7 days a week and 14 hours a day. I got some glasses
    anyway, and sure enough had a very serious case of double vision. I
    persisted in wearing them, and after a while (just wearing them for an
    hour or so a day, and the occasional day on the weekend), my brain was
    able to block the vision from the right eye. For the last year, I got
    glasses with monovision. The OD was sure that they wouldn't work, but
    since I couldn't see with both eyes anyway, I thought that having blur in
    one eye would actually help my brain block the image from the blurry eye.
    They worked reasonably well.

    I know patients really hate when they are told, "Just wait and see if it
    gets better", but it did for me.
    Dan Abel, Aug 20, 2003
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  3. Eyzhveit

    Dr. Leukoma Guest

    (Eyzhveit) wrote in
    Is your patient pseudophakic or aphakic?

    Has your optometrist done perimetry on this patient to plot the extent of
    vision loss?

    How about a contact lens on the "aphakic" eye?

    Dr. Leukoma, Aug 21, 2003
  4. Eyzhveit

    Eyzhveit Guest

    Our patient is aphakic in the OD from a long time ago. No, our doctor
    has not done perimetry on her. We were trying to avoid contact lenses
    as the patient has expressed a desire to not have to wear them. I'm
    not sure there is a good solution to this dilemna.
    Eyzhveit, Aug 21, 2003
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