Aspheric Biomedics 55

Discussion in 'Optometry Archives' started by Dave, Dec 2, 2004.

  1. Dave

    Dave Guest

    I ordered some contacts online using a prescription which is

    OD -2.75 DIA=14.2 BOZR=8.6
    OS -2.25 DIA=14.2 BOZR=8.6

    I had ordered Biomedics 55 because that is what I have had for many
    years. They sent me Biomedics 55, but it is in a flatter box than
    usual, and it says "Premier" on the box and also "Aspheric". I have
    never seen the word "Aspheric" before so I am wondering what it is all
    about, and whether it is safe for me to wear. I've always worn
    standard Biomedics 55 in the usual box which is less flat than this
    one, and more square-ish.

    I have read that aspheric is for people with astigmatism? I know that
    I used to have mild astigmatism in both eyes, but a few years ago I
    remember it had gone away in one of my eyes, and had been reduced in
    the other eye. So I don't think astigmatism is really a problem.

    Dave, Dec 2, 2004
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  2. Dave

    LarryDoc Guest

    Two issues: If you ordered lenses prescribed as Biometics 55 and they
    sent instead Biometics Premier, that's illegal, at least in the USA . If
    you did not provide a doctor's prescription, that is likewise illegal.

    That issue aside, the Premier Aspheric version is, arguably, a better
    lens optically, whether or not you have astigmatism. Some people may
    find the opposite to be true.

    --LB, O.D.
    LarryDoc, Dec 3, 2004
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  3. Dave

    DG Guest

    That's good to know. It's hard to communicate with the company because
    their 1-888 number works only from the USA and I'm from Canada.

    , at least in the USA . If
    I was willing to provide my official prescription, but it said that for
    non-U.S. residents, just fill in XXX for doctor and XXX for doctor's fax
    What exactly do you mean by "some may find the opposite to be true"?
    What is different between them, and how could someone find them better
    and others find them worse. Is it a discomfort thing? Why would two
    people's opinion differ?

    But it is safe to wear these? Any long term side-effects?

    Everything else about the prescription matches.
    DG, Dec 3, 2004
  4. Dave

    DG Guest

    Will it fit the same? Or should I have refitting? I'm still unsure
    whether to return them and make an exchange, entailing a 2 week delay,
    or just open them. I've already opened the cardboard box on one so it's
    probably too late there.
    DG, Dec 3, 2004
  5. Dave

    Dr Judy Guest

    This is not a contact lens prescription, a contact lens prescription would
    include manufacturer and brand name.
    Did the on-line store check with your prescribing doctor; in the US it is
    required by law? If they had verified your contact lens prescription, they
    should have sent the correct lenses.

    The only way to tell if the lenses will work for you is to have your contact
    lens fitter check them on your eye.

    Dr Judy
    Dr Judy, Dec 3, 2004
  6. Dave

    DG Guest

    And my doctor's prescription (which I have in front of me) says "Fitted
    with: Biomedics 55," "Laboratory: Ocular Sciences." Date of fitting
    Oct./2004, issued and signed by optometrist 11/17/2004.

    I ordered Ultraflex 55 online and the picture looked just like my usual
    Biomedics 55 box. The online dealer says: "According to our
    information, the manufacturer has changed the brand name and packaging.
    The lens is now the Biomedics 55 Premier lens." Whatever that
    means... They are willing to ship the Biomedics 55 standard though.
    But if there is nothing WRONG with the aspheric lens or significantly
    different, then why bother returning them? If the difference is as
    slight as the difference between a Biomedics 55 lens and a Optimedics 55
    lens (ie. no difference), then returning them and waiting 2 weeks is a
    waste of my time. Not to mention the fact that the online dealer is
    impossible to get a hold of by phone from Canada, and I have no
    guarantee they'll ever give me the exchange or my money back.

    I still have one OD and one OS box unopened so I can send those back.
    I am from Canada and would have provided my doctor's information but
    they said not to, unless I are from US. Anyways, your statement is
    beyond the scope of this conversation and off-topic.
    I told them Ultraflex 55, then sent me Biomedics 55 Premier
    (aspherical). What I am asking is: what is the difference?
    I said that I have been using Biomedics 55 for a long time. So that is
    what fits for me. That's what my doctor prescribes. I'm just wondering
    about Biomedics 55 Aspheric and how they differ from Biomedics 55
    standard. I just tried on the Aspheric since I had already opened the
    box (when they arrived in the mail, before I noticed they weren't what I
    was used to) and they feel the same as usual.
    DG, Dec 3, 2004
  7. Dave

    LarryDoc Guest

    So let me see if I have this right. You have a written prescription:
    And you attempt to order a lens based on a picture:
    That has a different name in the hope that it's the correct lens and
    Which is actually NOT true. They lied. The sold you what they had in
    stock. You have Biomedics 55, which is, in fact the same lens as the
    private label Ultraflex which should be replaced with Biomedics 55 and
    they send you something different. Clever. But you persist:
    And when you tried to get hold of them to ask, you couldn't. Appropriate
    health care delivery? Yeah, that's right. Wearing of contact lenses is
    a health issue.
    No, it's not. You've just shown the world that ordering contact lenses
    from someone on-line that doesn't give a damn about (forget the law)
    doing the right thing creates all sorts of confusion and concerns.
    Which, in this case, is probably unfounded, But. for other people, it
    could be a big problem if they received "the deal of the day."
    And is there some reason why you shouldn't have what he/she prescribes
    and that which you know works for you?

    Isn't that what "prescription" is all about? It's not about: "try this
    one and see if you like it."

    --LB, O.D.
    LarryDoc, Dec 3, 2004
  8. Hi Larry,

    According to my Ocular Sciences/Coopervision rep recently on this side of
    the pond, from early 2005 Biomedics 55 will NOT be available in the standard
    form it will ONLY be in the aspheric form.

    Whether this is happening with you I don't know.


    Ian Hodgson _ Isle of Man
    Ian Hodgson Opticians Ltd, Dec 3, 2004
  9. Dave

    LarryDoc Guest

    Thanks, Ian. I kind of assumed that would be the case. Here, the old
    version has been "sold" as "private label" lenses under a variety of
    names by the mass marketing retail lens sellers. They offer us docs the
    "new and improved" Premium Aspheric version.

    Do you have any idea about the OS/Cooper silicone hydrogel? I hear
    rumors (or rumours ;-) about Spring 2005, just it time for the return
    of Purevision on this side of the pond.

    You folks get all the good stuff before we do, so perhaps you might know!


    LarryDoc, Dec 3, 2004
  10. Dave

    james Guest

    I ordered Ultraflex 55 online and the picture looked just like my usual

    Have a look at: This
    states that "During the redesign of the Biomedics 55 lens, the manufacturer
    added the asphericity only on the front surface but left the base curve the
    same. "Therefore, Biomedics Premiere fits the same as Biomedics 55"

    Biomedics 55 Premier
    (CooperVision/Ocular Sciences Inc.)
    Type: A soft disposable, aspheric lens that corrects for spherical
    aberration in both the lens and the eye, allowing for clearer vision. Unlike
    its predecessor, the Biomedics 55 spherical lens, the edges of the Biomedics
    55 Premier are rounded. Why use this lens: Gregory Forsyth, O.D., of
    Raleigh, N.C., helped conduct some preclinical trials. He says the lens
    offers better acuity than the previous Biomedics 55 to patients with low
    amounts of against-the-rule astigmatism. Although patients did not complain
    of discomfort with the prior lens, they reported im-proved comfort with the
    Premier version, Dr. Forsyth says.
    During the redesign of the Biomedics 55 lens, the manufacturer added the
    asphericity only on the front surface but left the base curve the same.
    "Therefore, Biomedics Premiere fits the same as Biomedics 55," Dr. Forsyth
    Prescription range: -10.00D to +6.00D in (0.50 steps).
    Base curves: 8.6mm, 8.9mm
    Diameter: 14.2mm.
    Wear schedule: Approved for daily and extended wear.
    james, Dec 3, 2004
  11. Dave

    Dave Guest

    Thank you James, the factual information you have provided concerning
    these lenses is refreshing. Whereas other people were more than happy
    to point out what is wrong with ordering lenses over the Internet
    whilst ignoring the main crux of my post, you either knew about these
    lenses already or you took the time to research them. This is good
    news, 1) that these contacts fit the same as the standard Biomedics
    55, and also 2) that there are people out there who can ignore for one
    second that I ordered these lenses over the Internet and provide an
    intelligent answer.
    Dave, Dec 3, 2004
  12. Dave

    Dave Guest

    Yes, I said it matched the picture but I did not say I ordered it
    "based on a picture" ONLY. It was called Ultraflex 55 and it said
    that it was identical to the Biomedics 55. Which it is.
    True. If I order a Biomedics 55 or equivalent lens and they are out
    of stock, and give me another lens which is equivalent, then I see no
    problem with that.
    No so different. I ordered Biomedics/Ultraflex 55 (same thing) and
    they sent me Biomedics 55 Premier. You still haven't answered me what
    the difference is between the two lenses with any scientific data or
    facts, although you purport that they are "different" and that I was
    given the wrong lenses. Perhaps not the EXACT lens I ordered but
    maybe it is no so different, that I can keep them rather than doing an
    No, but appropriate enough for a business. Businesses don't have to
    act "appropriately." And in the U.S., private health care is common,
    so clearly health care is not always delivered appropriately either.

    Buying contacts is not heath care delivery. It was a customer making
    a business transaction. "Buyer beware."
    Sure, but so is buying contact solution from the drug store and I've
    done some damage in that respect in the past by using the wrong
    solution. I don't understand your argument that it is a health what? Optometrists can screw up too. Errors are not
    confined to the world of internet shopping.
    True. Do I stand on a soap box and tell people to buy contacts on the
    internet? I tried ordering my contacts online because I've been
    using this contact for over 5 years and had a 33% savings with the
    great US-CAD exchange rate. I was not shipped an entirely different
    contact. But I will buy again, and next time I will try to get
    spherical unless my optometrist says that it doesn't matter. And I
    WILL be going to the optometrist before then as I am due for a
    biannual full eye health exam.
    No, I should have what he prescribed for me, which was Biomedics 55,
    as per my prescription dated November 2004. They shipped me Biomedics
    55 with a little bonus thing called "aspherical." I'm just trying to
    get to the bottom of what aspherical means. Hey, maybe my old ones
    were "aspherical" before as well, but that it just wasn't written on
    the box. Or maybe aspherical is just a marketting gadget and all
    lenses are really aspherical. Clearly all lenses in the world are
    aspherical because you can never make a perfect sphere (you can only
    make one to some precision).
    It kind of is "try this one and see if you like it." You should have
    seen what I went through when I first got contacts and my optometrist
    was trying out all sorts of RGP lenses. Every week he'd give me some
    new trial lens to try out. Clearly fitting lenses is not rocket
    science and having the wrong lens in your eye for a week is not
    life-threatening or vision-threatening. I've done more damage to my
    eye with Visine alone than I have in 10 years of wearing contacts. If
    you want to hear more about what I think of Visine, that's a whole
    other story. Well, those were trials no prescriptions so I'm
    comparing apples and oranges.
    Dave, Dec 4, 2004
  13. Dave

    LarryDoc Guest

    OK. One more time, Dave.

    Well I do. You should get what you order and the only person who is
    justified in altering that order is your doctor, not you and not some
    stock clerk.
    I wrote, if you look at my post, that the aspheric version is for many
    people a superior product. That means a better choice. You lucked out.
    Some people aren't so lucky with the stock clerk's choice.
    It doesn't matter if it's Canada, U.S. or anywhere else. No one has the
    right to act to inappropriately and it is not acceptable to screw up
    health care delivery. It's sad that people are getting so used to being
    screwed that they accept it and feel special when things go right.
    So you're back to it's OK for businesses (and I include health care
    providers) to act irresponsibly.
    And it is still not acceptable to screw up or to take advantage of the
    fact that people are accepting that scew-ups are just part of doing
    As I made clear, aspheric is actually a better optical design. Usually,
    but not always. The trick is, the eccentricity value (the degree of
    flattening from center to the edge) creates different optical attributes
    and what is good for you might not be so for someone else. It's not a
    marketing gimmick, it is a positive selling attribute. Again, for most
    people, depending upon the degree of aspheric optics. (And, by the way,
    that also applies to spectacle lenses.)

    No, it is not rocket science, but it is physical science and has very
    specific, measurable physiological consequences---even when fitted
    correctly. And you are wrong. Improperly fitted contact lenses can
    indeed compromise the health of the cornea and can indeed cause
    vision-threatening cellular disruption and infection. Most often it
    hurts enough that the wearer responds to the pain or discomfort before
    there is permanent damage. But not always. Bad things do happen. And it
    doesn't have to be that way.

    I wouldn't be proud of that.

    OK. I'm done. Good luck to you.

    --LB, O.D.
    LarryDoc, Dec 4, 2004
  14. Hi Larry,
    It may have been mentioned but I was more interested in the change in the 55
    and the amalgamation between the two companies ie just when does my account
    get cocked up when the accounting systems come together!
    Glad we're sometimes ahead of the Good O'le US of A
    it gets boring the number of times we get told 'they must have better in the
    States' :)


    Ian Hodgson Opticians Ltd, Dec 4, 2004
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