Astigmatism in a few weeks? Or Corneal swelling?

Discussion in 'Optometry Archives' started by cribis, Oct 18, 2006.

  1. cribis

    cribis Guest

    Perhaps a little advice you can give me can calm my nerves and perhaps
    save me a bundle of out of pocket dollars.

    A little over three weeks ago I was stripping out some mildew caulking
    in my shower with a high speed sanding tool. I threw enough debris in
    the air that some of it made it onto my eye and my Accuvue2 disposable
    contact lens. It irritated the eye and I took the contacts out

    The next morning it was tender and irritated so the next two days I
    just wore glasses. On the third day I wore contacts all day - but
    really started to notice that my left eye was pretty blurry - ghosting
    images. After a couple days I knew something was not right and made an
    appointment with the local Ophthalmologist.

    The conclusion of the Ophthalmologist was that "my vision was
    correctable" and that my contact was too tight and had created a little
    bit of scarring around the edge of the (cornea/pupil?). He gave me
    some Allergan Refresh Plus samples and told me to come back in a week.
    There was no mention of astigmatism, scratched or damaged lenses - he
    spent 20+ minutes dialating my eye and scanning it. During the next
    two weeks I did wear my contacts intermittently over a couple days and
    did not use the drops as much as I probably should. By this point I am
    thinking that two years has gone by and I probably just have had my
    eyes get worse.

    Well, since I am a cheap - and I heard him say that it was correctable
    - I went to my traditional optometrist, now three weeks after my
    initial shower cleaning incident. I knew something was not going right
    when the electronic pre-test device sputtered all around when it was
    trying to measure my eye. This was never noted at the Ophthalmologists
    office. The Optometrist could tell that something was definitely
    causing my vision to not focus properly despite the right power for the
    eye. However, he noted that over several years I had no astigmatism -
    but now suddenly it is out of whack. He said it could be some corneal
    swelling but that there was no damage to the eye that he could see. He
    wrote me up a referral and indicated that I was going to need a
    topographic type diagnostic to evaluate what is going on.

    None of this sounds like it is going to be resolved without a lot of
    out of pocket expense. This is a problem for me and my work - but I
    don't want to be a hyper chondriac . Any suggestions would be greatly
    cribis, Oct 18, 2006
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