Astigmatism prescription glasses making me see crooked

Discussion in 'Glasses' started by coolguy, May 12, 2006.

  1. coolguy

    coolguy Guest

    Today I got my prescription glasses for astigmatism (-0.75 in righ
    eye, -1.50 in left)

    I was told to wear them while watching TV and using the computer (i.e
    all the time for me)

    However, I am wearing them and looking at my SQUARE shaped compute
    screen right now and I see a trapezium shaped monitor

    The trapezium I see is not quite that narrow on top and as wide at th
    bottom but it is CLEARLY there.

    Also, if I look down at the keyboard it looks as if the table i
    heavily slanted towards me

    Finally, everything is a bit hazy which I was told to expect

    My dad says he had this problem when he got his astigmatism glasse
    too and he just returned them and got simple reading glasses. Bu
    since I have astigmatism shouldn't get Astigmatism glasses for usin
    a computer?

    I am real confused. Please help
    coolguy, May 12, 2006
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  2. coolguy

    acemanvx Guest

    How well do you see without glasses? If that pescription is all you
    have, you might see fine without glasses. I have a similar astigmastim
    in addition to myopia but I cant tolerate the astigmastim potion in my
    glasses, it too causes disortions. I find my quality of vision better
    without the astigmastim in the glasses anyway and my visual accuracy
    just fine. If you have been happy without glasses and doing fine
    without them, why wear them now?

    The -.75 cylindar is very small and I barely notice a difference in my
    vision. The -1.5 is more noticable. You could wear glasses for TV if
    you feel the disortions is better than the very slight astigmatic blur.
    Theres something called AK that can surgically remove your astigmastim
    if you cant tolerate glasses and if going uncorrected bothers you as
    well. Its not without risks and if you choose it, do the -1.5 cylindar
    eye first or just that eye. Research AK on the internet and if it
    interests you, seek a surgron for a consultation. Remember again, its
    real surgury with real risks. Theres also PRK but AK is popular for
    pure astigmatic scripts. PRK and lasik is used for someone whos myopic
    or hyperopic with or without astigmastim.

    Lots of people have very slight astigmastim and do fine without
    correction. My brother is one of them, my friends are more examples. I
    have a very slight astigmastim in the left eye with moderate myopia. My
    optometrists say its -.5 diopters. My ophthamologist said an extra
    quarter diopter spherical equivalent can do the same job, give the same
    visual accuracy with none of the disortions of astigmatic correction.
    My right eye has about -1 of astigmastim and neither option is the
    best, I cant be corrected very well in that eye because some of my
    astigmastim is the irregular kind, more so in the right eye than left
    in addition I have high order aberrations in both eyes. AK isnt worth
    it for me and wouldnt really help either. Lasik or PRK might help but
    its considerable risks, especially because my pupils are huge, I got
    mild dry eyes and low accomodation. I tolerate glasses fine as long as
    I get only spherical equivalent and no cylindar in my glasses.

    In closing, I am not a doctor. What I say is my opinions and experience
    as another patient with the same dilemna as you.
    acemanvx, May 12, 2006
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