Attn. Optometrists: Focus Group about contacts this week or next week

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    Jan 7, 2014
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    We are conducting a paid market research study with optometrists across the country; and I was hoping this would be the best way to get the word to as many optometrists as quickly as possible since the study does start THIS week. If you are an administrator of this site and have a question or concern about our company, please call or email me, as this is 100% legit; and your optometrists will get paid $300 via a check within 2-3 weeks of the study.

    Our company, Donow Research, an independent market research firm, has been sending people to focus groups and paid surveys for about 15 years; and have one that you might fit into.

    Here are the details about the upcoming project.

    We are conducting focus groups (paid surveys) with 3-4 optometrists per group about contact lenses.

    The 60-minute discussion groups will be conducted via webcam on Friday, January 10, from 8-9am Eastern Time (7-8am Central, 5-6am Pacific); or Tuesday, January 14, from 8-9pm Eastern (7-8pm Central, 5-6pm Pacific); or Wednesday, January 15, from 9-10pm Eastern (8-9pm Central, 6-7pm Pacific).

    All who participate in the 1-hour online/webcam focus group will get paid $300 as a thanks for their time and opinions.

    PLEASE respond and/or forward the info to any other optometrists in the US that might be interested. Please reply to this post with your contact info or call me directly at 772-232-9295.

    Companies need to know customers opinions about new product ideas before they put them on the market. This is your opportunity to voice your opinions about something important to you. Feel free to Google Donow Research to see what people have been saying about us for the past 15 years.

    Jeff Donow
    jeffdonow, Jan 7, 2014
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