Autorefractor vs. phoropter

Discussion in 'Optometry Archives' started by kgirl, Aug 15, 2007.

  1. kgirl

    kgirl Guest

    Here's something I don't think I have seen much of here as I perused
    previous posts- I autorefract to require a plus lens for distance,
    but the subjective refraction with the phoropter gets me a negative
    lens. I have some serious astigmatism (-4.5) in one eye, less in the
    other (and amblyopia as I cannot correct to better than 20/50 in that
    eye), and have always had two pair of glasses, one for distance and
    one for reading, since I was about 6 years of age. Certainly as a
    child I found it much more pleasing to struggle without them, but did
    use them for school, studying, and so forth. 20 some years later I
    now recognized that vanity loses out and got trifocals. As I said
    above, the autorefractor gives me plus lenses for distance, and
    several years ago I was given such a prescription. I picked the
    glasses up, didn't try them on til I left, and was surprised that
    while nearby was nice, distance was a blur. I returned to the doctor
    who re-refracted me and got me a minus lens for distance again. Now I
    find that with my minus lens (-.75 both eyes) that I'm more
    comfortable looking through the mid lens of the trifocal (I have an
    add of 3.25 while my eading only glasses are 3.50) and struggle with
    the top minus RX. What is going on here? I continue to baffle my
    doctor, but in all honesty I don't think he has even considered an all-
    plus RX since I've always favored minus in the phoropter. I find
    myself removing my glasses often, but that's an issue because I cannot
    read a thing without them and cannot really see much in the distance
    with them either. Does anyone have any thoughts on this topic. I am
    getting frustrated with myself, and especially my vision, but after so
    many years of eye problems I guess I should be used to it!
    kgirl, Aug 15, 2007
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  2. kgirl

    DoctorRick Guest

    You're eyes are becoming more farsighted (= less nearsighted).
    This happens commonly in mid- adulthood. Many people, as they change,
    actually have trouble adapting to their spectacle correction when you
    "cut their minus" even though it is trully occurring. When you
    decrease their minus prescription they will periodically report
    trouble maintaining clear distance focus. Its oftentime best just to
    put them back in their previous strength prescription until the change
    becomes more pronounced and then most likely they will accept the
    change willingly a couple of years latter.

    I would guess your autorefractor readings are likely a little telling.
    You might be alot less minus, and even plus, for the spherical
    component to your prescription.

    How old are you? What is your prescription? What visual problems do
    you have with your prescription on?
    DoctorRick, Aug 17, 2007
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  3. kgirl

    a06812 Guest

    Sorry to hijack the thread, but I would be interested to know how
    common this is, and how big a change it is.

    a06812, Aug 17, 2007
  4. kgirl

    kgirl Guest

    Thank you for your responses. I will post my current prescription as
    soon as I can get to a copy of it. I am leaning needing lots of help
    up close these days (as in full time!!) but didn't realize that
    distance would be changing as well. I looked through old
    prescriptions, as I've kept most of them, and found that I was a -1.25
    for distance in my teens, with the high astigmatism; the sphere has
    come down regularly since then, and the add has increased since my
    teens as well! That being said, would it serve me to go with the
    autorefractor readings, get more plus rather than negative for
    distance, and just leave them on until I relax into it?

    One more question; my husband just got his very first rx for glasses,
    as follows:

    OD -.50, +.25, x155 add 1.25
    OS -.25 add 1.25

    I'm not familiar with a plus astigmatism correction; how does that
    read when written with a - sign in front of it? Also, he was not
    given any instructions as to when/how to wear. He has been having a
    lot of problems with distance- reading road signs, exit signs, etc.
    and some near issues as well. Would you advise this as a full time
    wear prescription? He's a dentist and would use them for work; would
    a near-only pair of glasses be beneficial, and does that change the
    near prescription if there's no distance in it? He also wants
    sunglasses; should they be made up with the bifocal add in them? He
    seems fine with full time wear if that's needed; my gut is that he'll
    start wearing them and find them to be comfortable and just keep them
    on all time anyway!! Thank you again for all of your help. He went to
    the appointment alone, and didn't even know he came out of it with
    bifocals until I looked at the rx last night. Unlike me, he doesn't
    ask twelve million questions!!!
    kgirl, Aug 21, 2007
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