AZOOR - a rare condition!?

Discussion in 'Optometry Archives' started by James43, May 6, 2005.

  1. James43

    James43 Guest

    I have a grilfriend whose name is Nancy. About a month ago she woke up
    to find that she could not see well enough to put on her makeup. Upon
    examination, she realized that she had a blind spot in her left eye
    that obstructed a good portion of her vision. Then within two weeks,
    it was up to 80%. She has been looked at by many retinal specialists
    in Los Angeles, which have given her everything from macular
    degeneration, to myopia, to a syndrom called Acute Zonal Occult Outer
    Retinopathy. AZOOR has little info that I can find, and one of her
    specialists didn't even know what it was.

    Anyone heard of it? Know of anyone researching it? Support groups?
    James43, May 6, 2005
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  2. Yes it is rare, but not unknown.

    Visit and enter "Acute Zonal Occult Outer". You will
    have 25 published articles appear. I recommend you contact the
    authors of the more relevant studies and either get your sister to
    that doctor, or ask if that doctor can make a referral to a local
    retinal specialist.

    Glenn Hagele
    Executive Director
    Council for Refractive Surgery Quality Assurance

    Email to glenn dot hagele at usaeyes dot org

    I am not a doctor.
    Glenn -, May 6, 2005
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  3. James43

    James43 Guest

    I appreciate the response. She has had three retinal specialists look
    at her with varying diagnoses. AMD, retinal detachment, and AZOOR.
    She has had all the popular tests done twice and we are waiting on
    results for the electroretinography in 10 days. Even had one doc argue
    that it was not AZOOR, but myopic degeneration. When asked how he
    exluded AZOOR, he didn't even know what it was. Just trying to find
    our way when little info exists. Hopefully there will be AZOOR people
    around these groups..
    James43, May 8, 2005
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