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    Settle in. This may take a while. On December 3rd I decided to purchase new glasses and selected a nationally-known franchise. The principal reason I went to the doc was that the coating on the glasses I had been wearing for 4 or 5 years had become scratched.

    I thought that I'd get an exam while I was at it. I was going to purchase just lenses to be fitted into my existing frames. I have been wearing progressive lens for probably 20 years, if not longer. I intended to buy them again only this time without any of the coatings offered.

    The prescription they came up with was:
    OD sphere -2.25 cyl -0.50 x 90 add +2.25
    OS sphere -2.50 cyl -0.50 x 60 add +2.25

    It means nothing to me as I am not an optometrist.

    With the first pair of lenses the seg height seemed to be too high. I had to put my chin on my chest in order to see the floor in front of me clearly (for example) a distance that was no problem for my old lenses. The store owner said that this was normal and that my brain would figure it out in time. Having worn glasses for decades, I wasn't convinced. They made and installed another set of lenses. Seg height better. Now I was experiencing a "fishbowl effect" that was most readily noticeable when I was looking at my computer screen. As I turned my head slightly from side-to-side the rectangular screen became a rhomboid. Eveything was rocking and rolling like a funhouse. I was unable to see clearly at distance, as well. I returned to the store.

    This time they asked that I bring in all of my old glasses for their inspection. The owner of the store then realized that they had ordered lenses with an incorrect baseline. But before that, she said that my new prescription could not successfully be mounted in my rectangular frames - just too narrow. I pointed out that perhaps she should have mentioned this to the client BEFORE attempting to do such a thing. We agreed that the next pair of lenses would be fitted into a more rounded frame that I also owned.

    All along I am experiencing all manner of eye fatigue, headaches, reddened eyes. This had never happened to me when I got a new pair of glasses. I was a little worried.

    I picked up the latest pair of glasses. Fishbowl effect was gone. They went to a "Baseline 2" lens. Things seemed to be going OK. Sharp in the distance. Sharp close-up. A day later I am experiencing headaches and eye soreness again. I thought, "Oh brother. What now?" So I made an appointment with another doctor at another location of the same franchise.

    That doc examined me, came up with a prescription and, to our mutual suprise, found that the actual lenses were 1/2 a diopter too stong and that that was the reason for my vision issues. At that point I showed this new doctor the prescription from the first doctor. They were identical!!!

    AS it turned out, the first doctor decided to "up" my prescription when I was complaining about the second set of lenses. After a lengthy conversation between the doctor and the owner of the first store (who she knew to be a nice person) the first store offered to make the lenses again - this time with the original prescription.

    I returned to the first store and dropped off my latest lenses and frames to be fitted with the new lenses (when they got in). Meanwhile I'm wearing a 10-year-old prescription and am suffering.

    I was told that the lenses would be ready the next day. Then I was told that they would be ready the day after that. Then I was told that it would be two weeks before they could get this "rare" lens made. I finally asked that the owner give me a call.

    As it turned out, they were able to fit me that afternoon with the exception being that only the lenses wouldn't be made with the baseline 2 lenses but rather baseline 3 lenses. "I wouldn't even notice the difference."

    I have been wearing them for two days now. When I put them on in the morning they seemed to be fine. The seg height seems to be too high (again) but (and this is why I'm writing) by 4:00 in the afternoon I am unable to see clearly more than 10 feet away.

    Is this a signal that my eyes have been struggling with these lenses? Can the baseline difference be enough to be causing this? My eyes are burning and, as I said, I cannot find ANY part of the lens that will give me a sharp image over 20 feet away.

    It's going to be 2 weeks until the baseline 2 lenses get to the store and will be re-cut to fit my frames. Will these current glasses damage my eyes over the next two weeks? Or should I just suck it up?

    I await your "Pearle"s of wisdom and advise.

    tarverdan, Jan 13, 2015
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