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Discussion in 'Optometry Archives' started by Milkphish, Aug 22, 2003.

  1. Milkphish

    Milkphish Guest

    Alright folks, hopefully this will generate some useful discussion.

    I've been wearing soft contact lenses now since 1982 for more than
    twenty (20) years. I'm 33 and that means I've been wearing soft
    contact lenses for most of of life. As most users, there are good
    days and bad days. Overall, though, contact lense wear has been good
    and worth the time, cost, and effort. Also, I've been using AOSEPT
    since 1984 and have found it to be tricky and painful - at times -
    even when you're doing everything right (i.e., rinsing the cleaners
    off, filing only to fill line, replacing cup after 90 days, etc.)

    Recently, I was on a trip out of the country and suffered with a few
    more "bad days," that almost ruined my vacation. I sworn then that I
    was going to solve this problem once and for all - as I am sure others
    have - or switch to a new system. Hence, I have discovered this
    newsgroups. Hopefully, someone out there can offer some good advice.
    So, what is the best AOSEPT regime that other AOSEPT users have found
    works well?

    (First, some stats: OD: -6.25; OS: -6.75, Durasoft (Weslyn Jessen)
    D3-X4; B.C. 8.6; Dim: 14.5. I use the following products: AOSEPT
    (regular, not plus), Software SALINE, Miraflow Cleaner, Ultrazyme
    Enzymatic Cleaner [Allergen]).

    My regime is this: Enzyme on Sundays, clean with Miraflow every other
    day, replace lenses after 6-12 months depending on protein deposits,
    flexibility of lens, wear, etc.).

    I've noticed and experienced the following problems: Burning/Stinging
    for No Apparent Reason. Here are some "theories" that I've developed
    over the years:

    (1) Cleaner Remaining on the Lenses?: As all AOSEPT users have
    experienced, unexplainable burning and stinging. You ask yourself is
    the AODISC worn out? No! Did I overfill the cup? No! Did I
    inadequately rinse off the cleaner? Don't think so! SO, WHAT THE
    HECK CAUSES THIS? Is it possible that despite all the rinsing of the
    lense that it is not possible to remove all the cleaner and that a
    small amount of residual cleaner remains on the lens? I've been told
    by the "Customer Service" line at CibaVision that if any cleaner
    remains on the lense surface than the hydrogen peroxide will stick to
    it and this will cause the burning and stinging. Is Miraflow just too
    tough to get off? Cibavision also makes another cleaner called "Daily
    Cleaner" in a yellow and white container (yellow and blue outer
    packaging). Is it best to switch to the yellow/white "Daily Cleaner?"
    (I recall trying this before, but found that it couldn't clean the
    lense as well as Miraflow). What about Pliagel? Anyone use this
    cleaner with AOSEPT?

    (2) Enzymatic Cleaner Remaining on Lense?: I've been using the
    Ultrazyme Enzymatic Cleaner by Allergen which is different from the
    Unizyme system offered by Cibavision. Primarily, the reason for this
    is that the Ultrazyme system allows one to enzymatically clean the
    lense in the AODISC without a separate cleaning procedure. I've
    suspected that residual enzymatic cleaner could also be possible for
    the unknown burning/stinging, but I haven't been able to pin it down.
    Recently, I've decided to clean the lenses twice, the day after I
    enzyme the lenses (i.e., I enzyme on Sunday then clean on Monday
    night). Am I doing this wrong?! Are you supposed to clean the lense
    with cleaner immediately after enzyming the lense (and, incidentally,
    disinfection) and before putting in your eye??! (In fact, I tried
    this the other day and didn't have any problems, but have found that
    cleaning the lense and then rising and then putting directly into your
    eye (without disinfecting first) can be potentially irritating).

    (3) Sun-burn of Eyes?: Is it possible to sun-burn your eyes? I
    always sunglasses with proper UVA/UVB/UVC protection but have noticed
    these burning/stinging sensations more regularly on vacation - where I
    am spending long hours in the sun. Is it possible I have just
    "sun-burned" my eyes?

    (4) Other?

    Sorry, for the long post but I wanted to offer enough information for
    someone out there to help. Hopefully, someone has some answers! If
    AOSEPT users have suffered as I have, can someone offer a different
    system? (I prefer hydrogen peroxide based b/c of they are
    preservative-free systems rather than some other preservative-filled
    chemical system).

    Any AOSEPT users gone to, or tried, the ULTRACARE (Allergen) system
    with success? I've been considering switching to that system, but
    have used - and relied on - the AOSEPT system for almost 20 years,
    it's hard to change! ("You can't teach an old dog new tricks" Hah.)

    I think most people will agree that AOSEPT is a great system, but if
    there was some way to remove the burning/stinging in a definitive
    procedure it would be even better. So, that is what this post is all
    about. I'd love to hear your experiences with AOSEPT and see if there
    are some common characteristics that can be developed to make the best

    Thanks in advance!
    Milkphish, Aug 22, 2003
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  2. Milkphish

    Dr. Leukoma Guest

    I have been using hydrogen peroxide systems for years, and here is what I
    have found to be the most frequent causes of burning/stinging following
    disinfection. Also, I do not use Miraflow, which can be a potential source
    of irritation. I do notice that the catalytic neutralization process
    sometimes results in spewing of part of the solution out of the top of the
    case through the vent. Whenever I see that the solution level is below the
    top of the lens holders after neutralization, I know that there will be
    unreacted peroxide in the lenses. Furthermore, if there is any residual
    detergent, i.e. Miraflow on the lenses prior to disinfection, this will
    increase the frothing and thereby increase the likelihood that peroxide
    will froth out through the vent hole. When I see that the level is low
    after neutralization, I will refill the container with saline and allow to
    sit for 10 minutes. This is usually sufficient to remove the excess

    Alternatively, I have also experimented with removing the disc from the
    AOSept container. This permits the lenses to come into contact with the
    full strength hydrogen peroxide overnight, and without any neutralization
    taking place, the lenses cannot be put directly into the eyes. During the
    acanthamoeba scare of the eighties, it was found that the cystic form of
    the parasite could be killed only by a six-hour exposure to the hydrogen
    peroxide, meaning that if used as directed, the AOSept system would not do
    the job. I found that if I discarded the peroxide, rinsed off the peroxide
    from the case and lens holder with saline, and soaked the lenses in the
    container filled with saline for 10 minutes, that the lenses would not
    sting upon insertion.

    I hope this helps. Taking these steps has solved the problem for me,


    (Milkphish) wrote in
    Dr. Leukoma, Aug 22, 2003
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  3. Milkphish

    nipidoc Guest

    I think most people will agree that AOSEPT is a great system, but if
    The reason that you are having trouble, is because you just don't
    understand the methods of the system.

    What you need to do is close your eyes, and just imagine that your
    lenses are clean. Try to not concentrate. Just relax and think about
    how clean your lenses are. Then, open your eyes. You should notice
    that the lenses are just a little bit cleaner. CLose them again, and
    imagine them cleaner still.

    Repeat again as needed. You will find over time that you will be able
    to make your lenses cleaner simply by imagining it. It will work
    faster if you stare (sorry, I meant gaze) at the sun with closed
    eyelids for 1/2 hour per day. This will make your lenses cleaner

    nipidoc, Aug 25, 2003
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