best eyeglass lenses for extreme myopia?

Discussion in 'Glasses' started by camelid, Oct 30, 2005.

  1. camelid

    camelid Guest

    Hi there,

    Here's my prescription:

    OD: Sphere: -12.00 Cyl: -0.75 Axis: 066
    OS: Sphere: -12.50 Cyl: -1.00 Axis: 172

    PD is 63. Also I have quite large eyes, if that makes any difference.

    In the past I have tried a variety of lenses:

    - Zeiss Lantals (pretty heavy).
    - Seiko 1.67 Super SV (probably the best lens I've tried so far).
    - Nikon 4 1.67 (too much minification of objects -- everything looks about
    30% smaller). Also quite a bit of chromatic abberation.

    I just need single vision lenses. Perhaps someone could suggest some good
    ones? I've heard good things about Optima HyperIndex 1.66. What exactly do
    they mean by "back aspheric?" Does this mean the back of the lens is flat?
    I'm currently in Nikon 4 lenses which I think are "front aspheric," (the
    front of the lens is flat).

    thanks so much,

    camelid, Oct 30, 2005
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  2. camelid

    Dan Abel Guest

    I don't know that much about lenses, despite having worn glasses for 45
    years. I tend to think that they are all the same. I do know that
    wearing them with a prescription like yours isn't wonderful. I was -12D
    at the worst.

    It was suggested several times that I try soft contacts. I was adamant
    in refusing. My sister got contacts, and it just wasn't something I was
    going to deal with.

    Later I developed cataract. There were a number of options, but if I
    got what I wanted, glasses would cause double vision. I could eliminate
    that by wearing a patch over one eye. Neither the double vision nor the
    patch sounded like a way to go. It would be a while before surgery was
    justified, so the doctor suggested trying contacts in the meantime.
    They wouldn't cause double vision.

    I tried them and they were so much better than glasses.

    They don't work for everybody, and they are a major hassle, first to
    learn how to use, and then the maintenance (putting them in, taking them
    out and cleaning them). I would highly recommend giving them a try. I
    got some glasses as a backup, and the glare and reflections were so
    horrible that I only wore them a few times. They were really heavy and
    expensive (the high index lenses).
    Dan Abel, Oct 30, 2005
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  3. camelid

    camelid Guest

    Yes, contacts certainly are a vast improvement over glasses. I've worn them
    for over 20 years, but I can no longer tolerate them due to dry eyes. LASIK
    is out for the same reason. My only options are intraocular lenses (I'm not
    willing to risk the surgery yet), and glasses. I've had my fair share of
    improperly fitted lenses and want to get it done right this time. Hence my
    post to this group . . .

    Thanks for replying . . .
    camelid, Oct 31, 2005
  4. camelid

    Neil Brooks Guest

    Lemme' jump in here: I have severe dry eyes (Schirmer's <5mm at 5
    minutes OU; Tear Breakup Times <5s OU) with all four puncta
    cauterized, but I wear soft contact lenses. I use (Soothe) drops
    regularly throughout the day, avoid all the usual things that bother
    us dry eye people, wear Panoptx sunglasses when needed for harsh
    environments, and use Genteal gel at night.

    Are you in worse shape than me, dry eye wise? If not, perhaps there
    are other lenses, or other procedures (punctal plugs/Restasis/??),
    that would allow you to continue to wear the contact lenses.

    I have to imagine that this would still be your preference, no?

    Best of luck. I understand the difficulties you're facing.
    Neil Brooks, Oct 31, 2005
  5. camelid

    camelid Guest

    camelid, Oct 31, 2005
  6. camelid

    camelid Guest

    Well, I think I've got you beat :) My Schirmer's is <1mm at 5 minutes,
    although I couldn't tell you what my Tear Breakup Time is. I have had one
    (lower) puncta plugged, to see if it made a difference; it didn't. I
    suppose I could look into getting upper and lower puncta plugged or
    cauterized, though . . .

    I occasionally wear my contacts (Proclear Biocompatables, is there something
    better?) and marvel at the crystal clear vision, with none of the distortion
    that comes with glasses (also I look a helluva lot better) :) But then the
    cloudiness and irritation set in, and back to the coke-bottles I go.
    Although I shouldn't complain TOO much, what with high-index lenses\\ and
    small frame-sizes, I can get a fairly acceptible pair of glasses.


    camelid, Oct 31, 2005
  7. camelid

    camelid Guest

    camelid, Nov 1, 2005
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