best lenses for high myopic + high astigmatic ?

Discussion in 'Optometry Archives' started by GasMan, Jul 6, 2004.

  1. GasMan

    GasMan Guest

    I'm trying to replace my lenses after wearing them for about 5 years.
    My prescription has worsened to:

    OD Sph -4.25 Cyl -2.75 x 167
    OS Sph -4.25 Cyl -2.00 x 180

    I tried a pair of Seiko SuperSV 1.67 high-index lenses (Sears
    Optical), but found that there was some distortion on the edges. It
    was more of an image/wavy distortion rather than a color distortion,
    and didn't bother me too much at first. The "sweet spot" was about
    the middle 1/3 of the lens, so I was quite happy with it. Problem is
    my daugher (2yo) tore them off my face and threw them across the
    room...time for new glasses.

    I had a few questions which I would be very thankful for if anyone
    could help:

    1. Is the new atoric designs (Sola Vizio + Optima Resolution) better
    for my degree of Rx as compared to an aspheric design?

    2. For small-mid size round/oval frames (full rim), is there a
    significant difference in terms of thickness/weight as you move up
    from polycarb to the higher-index lenses?

    3. Granted poly is better with 2 year-olds running around, but the
    only one I've heard of that has good optical properties is the Optima
    Resolution lenses. Are they a significant drop in optical quality
    compared to, say, the Sola Vizio (abbe 32), Seiko 1.67 SuperSV (abbe
    32), or the Hoya 1.70 EYRY (abbe 36)?

    4. I've found it hard to find any listing of the kind of prices I
    should be paying for lenses. My Seiko lenses ran me ~$230.00 for a
    pair (after a discount, coatings, and taxes). Is this reasonable.
    Walmart has the same lenses listed for $125, but I've shied from going
    there as I don't know if they are really Seiko lenses or some cheaper
    brand with a Seiko name (they reportedly are using Essilor's cheaper
    lenses and coating them with a Nikon coating and then selling them as
    a Nikon lens). Anyone have an idea as to how much a top quality lens
    should run me (with an AR coating)?

    Thanks *VERY* much for any help.
    GasMan, Jul 6, 2004
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  2. GasMan

    Mark A Guest

    I can't answer all your questions, but I have found Wal-Mart opticians to be
    fairly knowledgeable, and they sell many name brand products and they will
    tell you exactly what you are getting (unlike LensCrafters, etc).

    I doubt very seriously that fraudulently renaming products. Keep in mind
    that Nikon and Essilor have entered into a some kind of joint agreement, so
    some of their products are probably the same. I read about this joint
    agreement previously, but I forgot the details (you can check their websites
    to read about the details).
    Mark A, Jul 6, 2004
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