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Discussion in 'Optometry Archives' started by Lelouch, Jul 17, 2009.

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    The testimony of the following letter to the value of the experiences
    of patients recently published in this magazine is very interesting.
    The statements about the effect of central fixation upon the desire
    for sleep are also significant, and the facts have been duplicated in
    many other cases.

    I am keenly interested in this medium through which your discoveries
    and the experiences of your patients are made known to the public. My
    eyesight is improving steadily, and I find that I am grasping and
    applying the principles set forth in your magazine more intelligently
    every day.

    I have improved physically and mentally since I started the exercises.
    Ever since I can remember, I have had the greatest difficulty in
    rousing myself from a very heavy sleep in the morning into which I
    seem to fall after a night of constant dreaming. As a result, I feel
    heavy with fatigue and positively stupid mentally. One doctor whom I
    consulted said that these nocturnal disturbances were due to
    indigestion, or a bad conscience! I told him I guessed it was both!

    As soon as I awaken in the morning now, I start my exercises and after
    palming, flashing and swinging, I feel as if a fog had lifted and as
    if I were suddenly released from a weight that had held me down. I
    start the day with a clear mind and buoyant energy that enables me to
    accomplish twice as much as I used to. This has been a very
    interesting experience to me, and a very curious one. I suppose some
    mental scientists would say that I forget my fatigue because I focus
    my attention and interest on something else, which may be true to a
    certain extent, but not wholly, because it does not explain the sudden
    clear vision and physical freedom of which I immediately become

    Snellen Test Cards

    There should be a Snellen test card in every family and in every
    school classroom. When properly used it always improves the sight even
    when it is already normal. Children or adults with errors of
    refraction, if they have never worn glasses, are cured simply by
    reading every day the smallest letters they can see at a distance of
    ten, fifteen, or twenty feet.
    For Sale By
    The Central Fixation Publishing Company
    Paper ...................................50 Cents
    Cardboard (folding).................75 Cents
    A limited number of articles by Dr. Bates published in other medical
    journals also for sale. Send for list.

    Better Eyesight
    A monthly magazine devoted to the prevention and cure of imperfect
    sight without glasses
    Copyright, 1920, by the Central Fixation Publishing Company
    Editor—W. H. Bates, M.D.
    Publisher—Central Fixation Publishing Co.
    $2.00 per year, 20 cents per copy
    39-45 East 42nd Street, New York, N. Y.
    Vol. II - April, 1920 - No. 4

    Lelouch, Jul 17, 2009
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  2. Lelouch

    Neil Brooks Guest

    Nah. It isn't.

    Neil Brooks, Jul 17, 2009
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