Biomedics XC vs. Proclear contact lenses

Discussion in 'Contact Lenses' started by newsgroups, Sep 15, 2006.

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    I am wondering about differences between these 2 contact lenses, esp. the replacement schedule

    OSI Biomedics XC vs. Proclear Biocompatibles lenses

    I have seen the XCs as being 2 weeks, compared to 1 month for Proclear

    1) is that correct? can the XCs be stretched out to a full month? (I'm thinking to go with XCs due to lower cost over my current Proclear, yet similar material)

    2) what determines replacement frequency -- ie., what starts to go "wrong" after the suggested time?


    -- Paul
    newsgroups, Sep 15, 2006
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    p.clarkii Guest

    what starts to go wrong, in general, is that lenses begin to accumulate
    deposits on them and become uncomfortable. different materials behave
    differently. different individuals can use the same lens materials for
    differing times depending upon the physiology of their eyes. for
    example some people with bad allergies will get mucous deposits on
    their lenses within a matter of days while others can wear the same
    lenses for more than a month without noticable deposits.

    however replacement schedule is also influenced by marketing.
    manufacturers would like you to throw away their lenses often and buy
    replacements so they like to recommend short replacement schedules.
    however sometimes manufacturers choose to charge a higher
    price-per-lens for their contacts but claim that they last longer by
    giving them a longer replacement schedule so as to defend against the
    price objection.

    a perfect example is the 1-day Acuvue lens. the exact same plastic is
    used as is used in the 2-week lenses that Vistakon sells (Acuvue and
    Acuvue 2 and Surevue). yet the company claims that these lenses should
    be worn only for 1 day and then replaced. it doesn't take a genius to
    realize that the 1-day lenses can be stretched out to 2 weeks (or more)
    and you can save a lot of money! Same with B&L's line of polymacon
    lenses which are virtually identical but are repackaged, named
    differently, and labeled for 1 year, 3 month, and 2 week replacement
    schedules. some years back this was the subject of an expose on an
    episode of 60 Minutes!

    although the Biomedics XC and the Proclear materials are not identical,
    they are quite similar. i "imagine" that their replacement schedules
    would be identical for your personal physiology. you need to try them
    yourself and see how long they last and how comfortable they are.

    and you should also know that wearing old dirty contact lenses can
    physiologically affect your eyes much in the same way as extended wear.
    they can cause inflammation and corneal edema. don't go crazy
    wearing disposable contact lenses for many months and think you are
    doing no harm and just saving money. in general, I think a 2 week
    disposable lenses can usually be used safely for about a month but the
    proof is in you personally seeing how your eyes react.

    p.clarkii, Sep 17, 2006
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