Discussion in 'Optometry Archives' started by Simon Dean, Sep 5, 2004.

  1. Simon Dean

    Simon Dean Guest


    Apparently the consultant I saw yesterday reckons I have Blepharitis, he
    commented that my eyes are dry, and the oils secreted by the eye are
    getting trapped on the eyelid causing irritation.

    I couldn't understand much of what he was saying, but seemed to go off
    on about Mast Cell Degeneration or something.

    this all started with a referral from my optician after I had a dry and
    irritated eye a few months back. that irritation has cleared up now, and
    my eyes are feeling good, but tired a lot. Doctor obviously thinks
    different. He's prescribed some Viscotears and some Opto/Optichrome or

    Curiously enough the eye problems became apparent when I had an
    underactive thyroid. im currently on 100 mcg of thyroxine right now.

    Do any of these problems with my eyes or anything, indicate a potential
    problem with light sensitivity? I have to squint in the sun, or believe
    it or not, use one eye at a time, or wear sunglasses - sometimes even in
    front of a computer.

    Any opinions?

    Simon Dean, Sep 5, 2004
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  2. Simon Dean

    Dom Guest

    Light sensitivity is often associated with hyperopia (long sightedness), or
    sometimes a small vertical deviation (phoria)(very hard to measure
    accurately), or possibly other (less likely) causes. Blepharitis tends to
    cause more a feeling of irritation in the eyes.
    Dom, Sep 7, 2004
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  3. Simon Dean

    Simon Dean Guest

    I can't say that I had that much of an irritation feeling, if any at
    all, when the consultant handed me the brochure on blepharitis, and made
    me a prescription for Sodium Cromoglicate and Viscotears...

    He then advised on eyelid hygiene, washing my eye lids with baby
    shampoo, cotton wool, and warm water...

    And I must say, my eye feels more irritated now than it did a couple of
    days ago before I started this ridiculous regime.

    Simon Dean, Sep 7, 2004
  4. Simon Dean

    Dom Guest

    Eyelid hygiene... see if you can find a product called Lid Care in your
    pharmacy, makes eyelid hygiene much easier. First heat, then massage, then
    scrub with Lid Care (it's a little disposable towelette).
    Make sure you're not getting the baby shampoo in your eyes!
    Tired eyes could be the result of blepharitis. Or just plain dry eye.
    Dom, Sep 7, 2004
  5. Simon Dean

    Simon Dean Guest

    Hrm. not getting in the eye, I think that would make all the difference.
    I think I got confused between washing my eye, and washing my eyelids.

    Oh well. it didn't cause any discomfort that didn't. But today, my left
    eye has been in agony again as gunk has been coming. Whether that's
    these drops, or some reaction to the baby shampoo I know not.

    Cheers for the advice

    Simon Dean, Sep 7, 2004
  6. Simon Dean

    Simon Dean Guest

    Thanks again.

    the more I read, the more I wonder why I've been told about eye lid
    hygiene, and whether this Blepharitis leaflet I've been given is a red
    herring. I don't sense there's any problems with my eye lids to be
    honest, the problem has been my eye.

    Ok, history.

    November, my vision was blurry on close up work on computer.

    That eventually restored itself.

    March, May, two occasions, I had an irritated eye. Always the left eye.
    The irritation on the first account, coincided with a stye, and lots of
    mucus streaming out from my eye.

    This was bought under control with some Fusilithic acid.

    In May, I had a less severe eye irritation, that coincided with an
    optometrist appointment.

    Around this time, i was diagnosed with subclinical hypothyroidism -
    elevated TSH normal T4, but I still felt totally exhausted, lack of
    energy, skin rashes, dry throat, blocked sinuses.

    Im now on 100 mcg of thyroxine, and feeling a lot better, and my eye
    problem hasnt got worse.

    Until today, after I've been using the Sodium Cromoglicate and
    Viscotears, and I got baby shampoo into my eyes after mishearing the
    instructions. I thought there's no gunk on my outer eyelid, maybe I it
    means the inner eyelid-.

    But its just my left eye, so whether its a recurring infection, or
    something to do with the treatments or the baby shampoo, I don't know. i
    think its a very odd coincidence.

    Im also concerned about the Sodium Cromoglicate, since I don't believe
    my problem IS allergies. I think it is all linked to the thyroid in some
    shape or form. I mean, my perennial rhinitis only really came about when
    I got this thyroid problem, really, and I caught it really early
    thankfully. Same with the dry throat etc.... and I wonder therefore
    whether my eyes are linked to the thyroid condition and therefore
    whether I do have an allergy and whether the sodium cromoglicate is the
    correct treatment.

    My eyes were by all accounts, getting better until I started these
    drops. Now my eye feels scratchy, it looks red, and its full of mucus,
    therefore my vision gets blurry and its difficult for me to drive to and
    from work. Much like when I started the Fusilithic acid those few months

    then my next question comes onto the Sodium Cromoglicate.... what effect
    does it have on a healthy eye? What about on an eye that doesn't feel or
    look bad, but might have an underlying tiny allergic manifestation?

    Any opinions?

    I think I'll be making an appointment again to see the Doctor tomorrow.
    Im so popular at work having all this time off. So looking forward to
    your replies.

    Simon Dean, Sep 7, 2004
  7. Simon Dean

    Tom Malcolm Guest

    Eyelid hygiene... see if you can find a product called Lid Care in your
    I've had Blepharites mostly in one eye for many years.
    Every time I go to the doctor - they say it's hygiene.
    Every time I do what they say, warm compresses,
    diluted baby shampoo, etc - it just makes it worse.
    Antibiotics work, but I save them for bad infections.

    I believe this is heredity - not hygiene - after all - how
    come some people get it just in one eye?

    I do believe in hygiene - but once a day is all I've found is needed -
    any more often irritates.
    Tom Malcolm, Sep 8, 2004
  8. Simon Dean

    Dom Guest

    Blepharitis is a problem of the eyelids, but it *affects* the eyes as the
    glands in the eyelids secrete oils which soothe and protect the surface of
    the eye. It's normal for your eyelids to feel ok, but to have irritation on
    the eye, even though the cause is blepharitis.
    Having said that, blepharitis is not always easy to diagnose, you have to
    really look for it. Usually if artificial tears on their own don't help at
    all, then you start to look for it.
    Shouldn't have any detrimental effects on a healthy eye. As drugs go, it's a
    relatively safe one.
    Good idea.

    Dom, Sep 8, 2004
  9. Simon Dean

    Dom Guest

    To have it in one eye is unusual... but if it were hereditary it would
    not be in just one eye either.

    again: Make sure you're not getting the baby shampoo in your eyes!
    again: see if you can find a product called Lid Care in your pharmacy,
    makes eyelid hygiene much easier.

    I suspect the baby shampoo might be the irritant in your case. Lid Care
    works every time.

    Also use artificial tears.

    Dom, Sep 9, 2004
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