Bluriness with contacts--My doctor is stumped

Discussion in 'Contact Lenses' started by Lothar of the Hill People, Aug 4, 2003.

  1. This is a plea to all the doctors who participate in this group, since
    my ophthalmologist encouraged me to get a second opinion...

    I am a first-time user of contact lenses, and have been wearing them
    for 9 weeks now. There are times when my lenses feel and work great,
    but lately I have been having a lot of difficulty focusing on my
    computer screen and on very small print on paper (not a problem when I
    am wearing glasses or nothing at all), and sometimes at distant
    objects as well. I make a conscious effort to blink a lot when I am
    on my computer, so I don't think dryness is the problem. I have tried
    various lubricating drops too, including Genteal Moderate, Thera
    Tears, and Refresh Endura.

    I told my doctor that my lenses seemed as if they might have oily
    coatings on them at times when things seem especially blurry, but I am
    not sure if I am really seeing a deposit or if that is the way lenses
    are supposed to look after they've been in my eyes for a while. He
    had me try lid scrubs, with hot compresses and a baby shampoo
    solution, thinking that blepharitis might be causing it (I have
    seborrheic dermatitis, and extremely oily skin), but I didn't notice
    any difference after doing that for 10 days, so I stopped.

    I have tried two lens brands--Acuvue 2, and Biomedics 55. I have very
    flat corneas, so I was told there was no other brand I could try that
    would give me a better fit than the Biomedics (my lenses are a base
    curve 8.9). He did a Schirmer's test and verified that I am producing
    adequate tear volume (although I understand that this will not test
    the *quality* of the tears). He said he is stumped and can't think of
    anything else to try, short of trying a different cleaning solution
    (I've tried 2 already) in case I'm having a reaction to them, or
    moving me to rigid gas permeables, which I want to avoid if at all
    possible because I want something that is safe to sleep in from time
    to time.

    If anybody has any other suggestions that I can mention to him, I
    would be most grateful. I want to give him every chance to diagnose
    this before I switch to another doctor, because I do think he's a good

    Lothar of the Hill People, Aug 4, 2003
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