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Discussion in 'Optometry Archives' started by Ms.Brainy, Apr 4, 2007.

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    I have been informed that the mild pain in my right eye will remain
    forever. I have had a macular hole surgery (6 months ago), followed
    by a retinal detachment and a scleral buckle surgery (almost 4 months
    ago). I presume that the constant pain is caused by the buckle, which
    is supposed to be permanent. The buckle also modified the shape of my
    eye, increase my myopia and astigmatism substantially and impaired my
    vision otherwise, and any correction of my vision is thereby limited
    to a 20/50 after a cataract removal and IOL implant + glasses (so I
    have been told).

    I have heard of cases in which the buckle was removed due to constant
    pain or other reasons. On the other hand, my understanding is that
    the buckle, in addition to securing the detached retina in place, is
    beneficial in reducing the chance of another retinal detachment by
    creating a dent to disable fluid accumulation under the retina in the
    event of a retinal tear.

    A retinal detachment is a horrible and damaging occurrance. The pain
    I experience is mild and bearable, but the irrapable partial loss of
    vision is a great factor. After all, what are eyes for if not for

    I am facing now a cataract surgery, at this stage only in this right
    eye. But if I am to consider a buckle removal, it has to be done
    prior to implanting an IOL, since this will change my eye shape again
    and consequently my vision.

    Should I consider a buckle removal? Does anybody know what might be
    the consequences?
    Ms.Brainy, Apr 4, 2007
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