Call for Book Chapters - Springer: Recent Advances in Multimedia Signal Processing and Communication

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    "Recent Advances in Multimedia Signal Processing and

    Mislav Grgic, Kresimir Delac, Mohammed Ghanbari

    To be published by Springer Verlag in the series
    "Studies in Computational Intelligence"

    DEADLINE (title and abstract): NOVEMBER 17, 2008
    DEADLINE (full chapters): JANUARY 19, 2009


    With the continuous increase in the volume of multimedia
    content in our everyday lives, multimedia signal processing
    is becoming a more and more important research area. It is
    the basis for creating content based on video, audio, images,
    and text. High quality multimedia content delivery and
    applications are making challenging demands on both
    processing (high computing power needed) and management
    (storing and delivering via various communication protocols)
    data. For all these reasons, existing signal processing and
    communication techniques are constantly being challenged and
    improved by employing advanced computational intelligence

    We have envisioned this book as a survey of multidisciplinary
    advances made in combining multimedia signal processing and
    communication techniques with various computational
    intelligence methods. Papers and studies which couple
    theoretical advances with real-life application scenarios are
    cordially invited. We shall also readily welcome high quality
    survey articles that emphasize the research and application
    of multimedia signal processing in a particular domain
    (medicine, entertainment industry etc).


    Topics to be addressed in the book include, but are not
    limited to:

    ---> Multimedia Database Systems
    ---> Man-Machine Interfaces for Multimedia
    ---> Data Mining for Multimedia
    ---> Mobile Multimedia
    ---> Multimedia Content Analysis and Understanding
    ---> Multimedia Standards
    ---> Multimedia Information Systems
    ---> Multimedia Tools and Architectures
    ---> Multimedia Broadcasting Systems
    ---> Multimedia Communication Systems
    ---> Multimedia Networking and Protocols
    ---> Distributed Multimedia Systems
    ---> Content-Based Multimedia Retrieval
    ---> Multimedia Technologies and Games
    ---> Medical and Biomedical Applications
    ---> Virtual Environments and Multimedia Systems
    ---> Virtual Reality and Multimedia-Based Training and
    ---> Broadband Multimedia
    ---> Watermarking and Security


    Authors are kindly invited to send their proposals
    and chapters by e-mail to Prof. Mislav Grgic:

    Chapter proposals (title and abstract) are to be sent
    before NOVEMBER 17, 2008. All chapter proposals will be
    peer reviewed.

    Full chapters will be expected by JANUARY 19, 2009.
    All submitted chapters will be peer reviewed.

    Careful preparation of the manuscripts will help keep
    production time short and ensure satisfactory appearance
    of the finished book. Please prepare the manuscript as
    instructed in the Springer Verlag's author's guidelines
    for the series "Studies in Computational Intelligence" at:


    Deadline for chapter proposals
    (title and short abstract):___________NOVEMBER 17, 2008
    Notification of acceptance/rejection
    of chapter proposals:_________________NOVEMBER 30, 2008
    Deadline for submission of full
    chapters:_____________________________JANUARY 19, 2009
    Notification of acceptance/rejection
    of full chapters:_____________________FEBRUARY 23, 2009
    Deadline for submission of final
    chapters:_____________________________MARCH 23, 2009


    Mislav Grgic
    University of Zagreb
    Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing
    Department of Wireless Communications
    Unska 3/XII, HR-10000 Zagreb, Croatia

    Kresimir Delac
    University of Zagreb
    Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing
    Department of Wireless Communications
    Unska 3/XII, HR-10000 Zagreb, Croatia

    Mohammed Ghanbari
    University of Essex
    Department of Computing and Electronic Systems
    CO4 3SQ, Colchester, Essex, United Kingdom


    The series "Studies in Computational Intelligence" (SCI)
    publishes new developments and advances in the various areas
    of computational intelligence - quickly and with a high
    quality. The intent is to cover the theory, applications, and
    design methods of computational intelligence, as embedded in
    the fields of engineering, computer science, physics and life
    science, as well as the methodologies behind them. The series
    contains monographs, lecture notes and edited volumes in
    computational intelligence spanning the areas of neural
    networks, connectionist systems, genetic algorithms,
    evolutionary computation, artificial intelligence, cellular
    automata, self-organizing systems, soft computing, fuzzy
    systems, and hybrid intelligent systems. Critical to both
    contributors and readers are the short publication time and
    world-wide distribution - this permits a rapid and broad
    dissemination of research results.

    Mislav Grgic, Oct 16, 2008
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