Call for Papers: IJPRAI Special Issue on Facial Image Processing and Analysis

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    International Journal of Pattern Recognition
    and Artificial Intelligence

    Special Issue on

    Facial Image Processing and Analysis


    International Journal of Pattern Recognition and Artificial
    Intelligence (IJPRAI) is seeking original and unpublished
    manuscripts for a Special Issue on Facial Image Processing
    and Analysis, scheduled for publication in 1st Quarter 2009.

    Face recognition systems are progressively becoming popular
    as means of extracting biometric information. Face recognition
    has a critical role in biometric systems and is attractive
    for numerous applications including visual surveillance and
    security. Because of the general public acceptance of face
    images on various documents, face recognition has a great
    potential to become the next generation biometric technology
    of choice. Face images are also the only biometric information
    available in some legacy databases and international terrorist
    watch-lists and can be acquired even without subjects'

    Though there has been a great deal of progress in face
    detection and recognition in the last few years, many problems
    remain unsolved. Research on face detection must confront with
    many challenging problems, especially when dealing with outdoor
    illumination, pose variation with large rotation angles, low
    image quality, low resolution, occlusion, and background
    changes in complex real-life scenes. The design of face
    recognition algorithms that are effective over a wide range
    of viewpoints, complex outdoor lighting, occlusions, facial
    expressions, and aging of subjects, is still a major area of
    research. Before one claims that the facial image processing /
    analysis system is reliable, rigorous testing and verification
    on real-world datasets must be performed, including databases
    for face analysis and tracking in digital video. 3D head model
    assisted recognition is another research area where new
    solutions are urgently needed to enhance robustness of today's
    recognition systems and enable real-time, face-oriented
    processing and analysis of visual data. Thus, vigorous research
    is needed to solve such outstanding challenging problems and
    propose advanced solutions and systems for emerging
    applications of facial image processing and analysis.

    This special issue is particularly interested in recent
    progress in face detection and recognition that explores
    emerging themes such as digital video, 3D, near infrared,
    occlusion and disguise, long-term aging, and/or the lack of
    sufficient training data. Submitted articles must not have
    been previously published and must not be currently submitted
    for publication elsewhere. Topics of interest include, but are
    not limited to, the following:

    New sensors or data sources:
    o 3D-based face recognition
    o Near infrared imaging for face recognition
    o Video-based face recognition

    o Image preprocessing for face detection / recognition
    o Color-based facial image processing and analysis
    o De-blurring and super-resolution for robust face
    detection / recognition

    Face and feature detection:
    o Face detection for best-shot selection
    o Facial feature detection and extraction
    o 3D head modeling and face tracking

    o Subspace / kernel methods for face recognition
    o Non-linear methods for face modeling
    o Bionic face representation
    o Ensemble learning for face classification

    Key problems:
    o Outdoor illumination
    o Large pose variations
    o Mid-term and long-term aging
    o Occlusion and disguise
    o Low quality and low resolution
    o Generalization problem due to lack
    of enough training examples

    Dataset and evaluation:
    o Challenging datasets
    o Video-based datasets
    o Statistical performance evaluation

    Applications and other topics:
    o Facial gesture recognition
    o Real-time processing solutions and systems
    o Face-based surveillance, biometrics,
    and multimedia applications
    o Face recognition in compressed domain

    Submission procedure:

    Manuscript should conform to the standard guidelines of the
    International Journal of Pattern Recognition and Artificial
    Intelligence. Instructions for formatting papers can be found
    in the Guidelines for Contributors at
    Prospective authors should submit an electronic copy of their
    complete manuscript via IJPRAI online submission system
    ( by December 1, 2007.
    "Facial Image Processing and Analysis" special issue should be
    indicated in the corresponding cover letter. All submitted
    papers will be reviewed by at least three independent

    Important dates:

    Manuscript submission deadline: December 1, 2007
    First notification: March 15, 2008
    Revised manuscript submission: June 30, 2008
    Notification of final decision: September 15, 2008
    Final manuscript due: November 1, 2008
    Publication of the special issue: 1st Quarter 2009

    Guest Editors:

    Mislav Grgic
    University of Zagreb
    Zagreb, Croatia

    Shiguang Shan
    Chinese Academy of Sciences
    Beijing, China

    Rastislav Lukac
    Epson Canada Ltd.
    Toronto, ON, Canada

    Harry Wechsler
    George Mason University
    Fairfax, VA, USA

    Marian Stewart Bartlett
    University of California, San Diego
    La Jolla, CA, USA
    Mislav Grgic, Jun 7, 2007
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