Can a complex form of PTSD cause strabismus?

Discussion in 'Eye-Care' started by Justaguyyy, Aug 3, 2023.

  1. Justaguyyy


    Aug 3, 2023
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    I first got PTSD back in July 2018 and since PTSD can cause damage to the brain ( some form of brain damage I believe) it caused hypervigilance and strabismus and exotropia ( eyeball turning outwards)

    It also caused a condition called PTVS ( Post traumatic vision syndrome) which is basically strabismus but I have strabismus caused by PTSD

    So I have a complex form of PTSD

    This has made my life a nightmare and very awkward. Let me explain why:

    I can't concentrate, can't focus both eyes on the same spot

    One eye is straight and normal but the other eye turns outwards ( exotropia). Sometimes it's my right eye, sometimes my left eye. I can't control my eyes. I don't have control of my eyes. I need to focus really hard to keep my eyes "straight" but this causes eye strain & headaches & fatigue because I have to focus hard when before I didn't have to!

    I have misalignement of the eyes. My eyes are misaligned.

    This has made me so self concious that I don't go out. I stay home. I've lost confidence that I don't want to be around other people because my condition makes me seem" suspicious"

    Let me explain why. Because for example when I'm sitting on the sofa next to my brother, it feels like I have my right eye looking/staring at him and my left eye on the TV. But it's not my fault! I don't do it deliberately. I can't control my eyes. On some days it's fine but others it's all over the place! This has negatively affected my quality of life significantly :/

    It's not only at home, it's when I'm driving, in the waiting room of the doctor's office, at the cinema, etc, my right eye is turned outwards ( undeliberatly) and my left eye is normal. So it's as if I have my right eye on the person sitting next to me and the other eye on the movie screen at the cinema, or my left eye at the person sitting next to me and the other eye at the wall in the doctor's waiting room, or my right eye on the person sitting next to me in the car and the other eye on the road when I'm driving

    Sometimes it's my left eye and somedays it's my right eye. I have no control over this!

    I never had this problem before. This problem only occured after I got PTSD in 2018.

    So having had untreated PTSD & strabismus ( caused by PTSD) for 5 years I need to start treatment ASAP

    My psy prescribed to me effexor but I haven't started it yet. I tried to get an appointment with him but he's on vacation since it's the summer holidays so I have to wait until September and will have to take it for the next 6 months to effectively treat PTSD
    If the effexor doesn't fix this issue of strabismus, I'll have to have surgery to treat this once and for good!

    I needed to share my story and get it off my hest because I've had this condition for 5 years now and it's been going on for way too long

    I feel isolated and totally misunderstood because nobody around here where I live understands my condition.

    They think I'm crazy or insane or untrustworthy because of my exotropia ( eyes turning outwards) when in reality I'm not

    So having this condition sucks! Because it's made me self conscious and I've lost confidence in myself
    Justaguyyy, Aug 3, 2023
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  2. Justaguyyy


    Nov 18, 2022
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    While the exact causes of strabismus can vary, they are typically related to problems with the nervous system and the muscles involved in eye movement. While PTSD is primarily a psychological condition, it can also have physical manifestation, as stress and trauma can affect various bodily systems. However, there is no direct evidence to suggest that complex PTSD, or any form of PTSD, can directly cause strabismus. Still you can contact a reliable optometrist or optican center locally.
    sboptical, Aug 22, 2023
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