cancer epitome linking and pathway determination made easy

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    Epitome Linking Made Easy

    Our software can make finding the pathways and links to epitomes
    easy. For example, if you download an epitome file that has the
    epitomes point to point, our program can generate a map or a pathway
    in a few seconds. The map will connect all the pathways and forks. The
    benefit is that the hard part of the analysis is done by the program,
    and the rest of process is easy for researcher.

    Where to purchase or get the demonstration versions

    To purchase the program, please click on the link below:

    Or, to try the demo, please click on this link:

    Advanced Linking / Solving Solution Using Cancer Database

    I would like to show Kanecki Prolog is used to determine linkages for
    various cancer markers. The problem involved using another database
    program which listed the markers in pairs as “marker-A marker-B.”
    The problem is that to find how they link together, most database or
    solvers cannot do this. This is where Kanecki Prolog can do it!

    1. SETUP

    To start, an output file was produced from the other program similar

    HMOI PDR11
    HMO l TAF19
    HMOl TAF40
    HMOl TEMl
    HOC1 MNN10
    HOC1 MNN11
    HOC1 MNN9
    HOGl PBS2
    HOG1 RCKl
    HOG1 YGR058W


    To obtain the linkage, one would first save the data into a text file
    with a name like “cancerdb1.txt” for use with Kanecki Prolog. Then,
    one would instruct Kanecki Prolog to read and process the data via the

    see cancerdb1 ?

    To read the data into the file, one would produce the links via the
    “X” solver command as:

    X ?

    Results Produced

    The results produced show the marker linkages from a cancer database.
    Also, the advantage of having a linkage map is that one can develop a
    research process to isolate or collect a group of cells that have
    these characteristics. Also, this analysis saves time and money as it
    can be performed easily by Kanecki Prolog on any database.

    The marker database example is one practical and yet very advanced
    application of Kanecki Prolog 101a.

    A Cancer Database Analysis Performed by Kanecki Prolog March 7th, 2004
    (C) 1986-2010
    By D. Kanecki

    Kanecki Prolog can be used to perform an analysis and find links in
    cancer. In this example, a twenty five page sample was used, and
    these are the linkages that are found. The results can be read as:

    ( a
    b )
    c )

    which is used to represent data sets, abstractly, ( a b ) and ( b c ).
    This example represents a conjugated marker.

    This result was obtained in less than thirty seconds on a XP laptop
    using the “X” solver method. In this analysis, single and conjugated
    markers are identified easily. XOXO

    p> send result3 ?
    p> X ?
    X= ( aacl

    X= ( aad6

    X= ( abpl

    X= ( abp1

    X= ( abpl

    X= ( acc1

    X= ( acc1

    X= ( ace2

    X= ( acs2

    X= ( act1

    X= ( act1

    == Polymorphic marker site found
    X= ( abpl
    A polymorphic marker site !!!

    Where to purchase or get the demonstration versions

    To purchase the program, please click on the link below:

    Or, to try the demo, please click on this link:

    Thank you for you time.


    Diana Kanecki
    DM Learner, MBA, ACS, Bio. Sci.

    Kanecki Associates, Inc.
    P.O. Box 866
    Kenosha, WI 53141
    Diana, Jan 28, 2010
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