can't see to read-suggestions?

Discussion in 'Optometry Archives' started by Jeffrey Gardner, Oct 27, 2003.

  1. 43 year old female (me) OK, here goes-bilateral schirmer of 0, all
    four puncta occluded (plugs, getting cautery soon). Distance
    prescription: O.D Sphere -4.5 CYL-1.75 Axis 173 O.S -5.5 CYL-1.0 Axis
    042 Reading glasses O.D. Sphere 3.25 CYL-1.75 Axis 173 O.S.
    Sphere-4.25 CYL-1.0 Axis 173 O.S.-4.25 CYL-1.0 Axis 042. Use drops,
    lube, lacriserts as needed. Cornea looks OK, cataracts (early) both
    eyes. Visual "snow", double vision, tracers, blinky crap all over
    visual field (no history of illicit drug use).Recently developed car
    sickness/motion sickness (never had this as a child). Violent nausea
    watching high contrast video. B&W "House of Blue Leaves" sequence in
    Kill Bill made me sick as a dog. Nystagmus during episodes of nausea.
    Optho sent me to neuro-optho, neuro-optho took history, did cursory
    exam sending me to neurologist.I do not want to take seizure meds
    unless I absolutely have to (history of Stevens-Johnson)Is there
    anything I can do to control the nausea from visual stimulation
    without risking having all my skin peel off? As I get bounced from doc
    to doc is there some real obvious thing they could be missing (inner
    ear problem?) Some simple solution (don't watch Tarantino films?
    Something wrong with that prescription?)
    I'm grasping here, but I'm getting tired of not being able to read
    print, and puking on car trips and during movies.
    Jeffrey Gardner, Oct 27, 2003
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  2. Jeffrey Gardner

    czf Guest

    Sounds like you have a problem that needs fixing, but in the meantime I have
    a suggestion for two of your three issues. I am legally blind and unable to
    read print or watch movies. My eye specialist hooked me up with the Library
    of Congress Books for the Blind, and I receive unabridged books on tape.
    Some televisions stations have their programs set up with a voiceover for
    the visually impaired (you have to click the SAP button), and most libraries
    have SAP (secondary audio program) videotapes of a variety of movies.

    I know this doesn't solve your root problem, but it's a way to deal until
    they find the cause.
    czf, Oct 27, 2003
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  3. My eye specialist hooked me up with the Library

    Good idea. My aunt is legally blind (maliginant myopia)and gets books
    on tape. I've watched SAP movies with her so I know what you're
    talking about-I can still read on the computer,thank goodness, if I
    alter the contrast/brightness/font size. But I guess listening to the
    complete works of Umberto Eco will keep me busy till somebody tells me
    what the heck is going on!
    Jeffrey Gardner, Oct 28, 2003
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