Cataract Surgery and PVT

Discussion in 'Laser Eye Surgery' started by George, May 26, 2005.

  1. George

    George Guest

    Hello all,

    I had an IOL placed in left eye several years ago with fairly good
    results. Now I am considering doing the right eye as my right eye vision
    in getting bad with loss of focus, color balance and so on. I'm 66
    years old and have been diagonosed with posterior vitreous detachment
    (PVT). Question is, does that increase the risk of cataract surgery
    problems? Seem to have more white, cloudy floaters too. Is that a
    result of PVT?

    George, May 26, 2005
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  2. George

    RM Guest

    I'm 66
    It's abbreviated PVD
    No. PVD is quite commonplace especially as you get older. It carries no
    additional risks related to cataract surgery.
    Probably so. A thin membrane which is at the border of the retina and
    vitreous pulls away from the retina and comes to rest in the vitreous
    chamber. This commonly forms floaters and is a hallmark sign of PVD.

    See your cataract surgeon. He/she will perform an internal exam of your eye
    before the surgery and be sure that all is well.
    RM, May 27, 2005
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