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Discussion in 'Laser Eye Surgery' started by kemcc, Jan 10, 2009.

  1. kemcc

    kemcc Guest

    question: do you think implanting a mono-focal IOL set for distance is
    a good or bad idea for the non-dominant eye? My dominant eye is
    already set for reading (set at -1.5), and I'm now ready to have the
    other eye done. I;m trying to decide what focal length to get. The
    eye is currently at
    -7, and I've been wearing a contact lens in that eye for the last 5
    kemcc, Jan 10, 2009
  2. kemcc

    Dr Judy Guest

    This is really a question of individual preference and tolerance,
    there is no unversal best answer. If your current contact lens for
    the eye is set for distance and you are not having any problems, then
    it would seem to make sense to have the post surgical refraction set
    for distance.

    If using a soft lens, you could ask your contact lens fitter for trial
    lenses that deliver the various focal lengths you are considering, try
    them out and see which you like better. Then inform your surgeon of
    which lens power you liked.

    Dr Judy
    Dr Judy, Jan 10, 2009
  3. kemcc

    Jane Guest

    Keep in mind that calculating IOL power predictions is not an exact
    science, so your actual post-surgery vision may be a little different
    from your target. If you have never done monovision, your best bet
    might be "blended vision" (i.e, distance vision in dominant eye,
    intermediate vision in nondominant eye). If all goes as planned, you
    would only need glasses for prolonged reading or seeing small print.
    (I believe that the usual target for intermediate vision is about
    -1.25.) It you go for distance vision in your second eye, you will
    need glasses for using the computer and all near vision tasks. (I
    have distance vision in both eyes, and everything within arm's length
    is blurry without glasses.) If you are used to myopia, you'll find
    that certain grooming tasks such as shaving (men) and applying makeup
    (women) become difficult without a magnifying mirror.

    The idea of trying out a contact lens correcting your eye to -1.25
    makes sense to me. You might also check out the eye care community at
    med help international, where there are many discussions on this topic
    (including recommendations from cataract surgeons). It's a great
    Jane, Jan 11, 2009
  4. kemcc

    Jane Guest

    Oops--I see that your dominant eye is already set for intermediate
    vision (-1.5). Then I'd suggest distance vision in your second eye
    (plano or -.25), unless you want a near/intermediate blend (-2.50 in
    second eye).

    (BTW, -1.50 would give you good vision for the computer, but not for
    prolonged reading or looking up a number in phone book. Are you sure
    about the diopter for your vision in your dominant eye?)
    Jane, Jan 12, 2009
  5. kemcc

    kemcc Guest

    thanks for your replies. Yes, my dominant eye is currently at -1.50
    which was the expected result. I can work at the computer without
    glasses. I'm a bit
    unsure as to whether I should make my non-dominant eye set at
    distance, since I haven't really been able to test that out with
    contacts, due to the second eye
    having a cataract. I'm leaning towards trying to match the eyes, so
    the non-dominant will be the reading eye, and wearing a contact in the
    dominant eye when I want to bring it up to distance. of course, I can
    always wear glasses again. If I had it to do over, I would make the
    dominant eye set at distance, but the doc never talked to me about it,
    and I only did the research afterwards (my mistake).
    kemcc, Jan 12, 2009
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