CATT Clinical Sites -- Avastin vs Lucentis

Discussion in 'Optometry Archives' started by Irv Arons, Oct 7, 2007.

  1. Irv Arons

    Irv Arons Guest

    I now have the CATT clinical site information on 46 of the 47 sites
    that are believed to be interested in participating in the clinical
    trial comparing Avastin vs Lucentis. I have been asked not to publish
    the names until the contracts with UPenn have been signed. I plan to
    honor that request.

    However, anyone wishing to know the names of the clinics in their
    state that will be recruiting patients for the study can email me
    (iarons(at) and I will be happy to cut and paste and supply
    you with the names of local clinics. Just mention the state that you
    are interested in.

    As soon as UPenn gives me the OK, I will publish the information - or
    link to their site if they put it online.

    Irv Arons
    Irv Arons, Oct 7, 2007
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