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    How to choose the frame that matches your face?

    Choosing a right frame not only can remedy defects of vision, but also
    cover the facial flaws and even be used as an accessorize. For
    example, if you have a long nose, wearing a right frame can make your
    nose look smaller. While wearing a pair of glasses with dark-coloured
    broad brimmed frame can cover or hide the facial flaws like ptosis and
    facial scars etc. So even you have any facial flaws, glasses are the
    perfect accessorizes for you, and a fashion frame that suits you will
    help adjust the face, show your personality and make you stand out.

    How to decide which frame matches your face?

    Assumptions: If you want to draw a cross that looks stable and
    balanced, the horizontal axis should cross the vertical axis at its
    exact 2/3 point. Because when the horizontal axis meets the vertical
    axis at a higher joint point, the vertical axis visually looks longer.
    If the horizontal axis crosses the vertical one right at the central
    point, the vertical axis will look shorter than its actual length. So
    if we draw a cross on a human face and eye brows represent the
    horizontal axis while the vertical axis is the length of your face,
    then you might have a face that is quite ‘balanced’ depending on the
    heights of your eye brows. To this kind of faces, any type of frames
    are suitable for you because you have the faces with perfect scales.
    To those faces that are bit long or short, choosing the right frames
    can help adjust the scales and make the ‘crosses’ perfect.

    The frame you choose to wear must match your facial shape. Otherwise
    it could emphasis the shortage of your face and has a negative impact
    on your appearance. For instance, if you have a slightly long face,
    darker-coloured frames are recommended because they can visually lower
    the height of your eye brows and shorten the length of your face. For
    short faces, rimless frames are perfect for you because they can raise
    the height of your eye brows. We will talk about this in more details
    later. The other important standard we should look at when we are
    choosing a frame is the line of your chin and jaw. This is very
    important because choosing a suitable frame can make your face look
    smaller and thinner.

    For long faces – Dark-coloured frames

    As we mentioned before, dark-coloured frames with low bars are
    strongly recommended because they can shorten the lengths of your
    face. And for people who have strong personalities, glasses with broad
    brimmed frames are always the best because they can emphasis the eyes
    and make people not pay attention to the length of your face. For
    those long faces with sharp chins, rectangular plank material frames
    are perfect choices. You will find that they can magically make your
    faces look smaller.

    For short faces – Rimless frames

    Opposite to long faces, people who have short faces should choose
    rimless frames with high bars to visually make your faces longer. If
    you have a squared chin, rectangular rimless frames can visually
    extend the length of your face and make it look more proportional.
    However, round-shaped frames can make your face look rounder so this
    type of frames is not recommended.

    For asymmetrical faces – Dark-coloured plastic material frames

    A lot of People with asymmetrical eyes choose to wear mental frame
    glasses, but they can still look leaned to one side because both eyes
    are not on the same height. If you wear a pair of dark coloured
    plastic material frames, you eyes will look more symmetrical and

    For round faces – Rectangular frames

    Round-faced people are suggested to choose rectangular frames,
    especially to those office workers. A pair of rectangular frame
    glasses will make you look tougher and smarter, as round faces always
    bring others the gentle and easygoing feelings about you. From an
    aesthetic point of view, round faces usually have plumpy chins.
    Therefore, rectangular frames can bring some edges to your face. You
    should avoid round frames because they will make your face look
    rounder. Broad brimmed frames are recommended too, but you need to
    adjust the tightness of the legs to make them be worn comfortably.

    For oval faces – Oval frames

    Oval faced people can wear any type of frames because the proportions
    are perfect. Although any frame looks good on you, oval frames are
    considered the best choice because they can help emphasize the great
    proportion of your face.

    For Squared faces – Round frames

    Squared-faced people tend to have wide cheeks and short faces, which
    make them look tough and independent. To soften the facial lines,
    round frames are strongly recommended because they can make the cheeks
    look narrower. Another reason is you have got an edged chin already,
    choosing a rectangular frame will emphasize your shortage. You should
    avoid broad brimmed frames and choose the ones that are wider than
    your face so that your face will look smaller.

    For flat faces – coloured frames and lenses

    If your face is quite flat, dark-coloured frames and lenses should be
    suitable for you because they tend to reveal your lineament and reduce
    the flatness of your face. If your eyes are not very big, try to
    choose the ones with dark-coloured lenses to enhance them. Contrarily,
    if your eyes are big enough, light-coloured lenses can style you
    perfectly. That also applies to people with dark skins, white and pink
    frames and lenses can are extremely suitable for you.
    daisyeyewear, Oct 30, 2008
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  2. daisyeyewear

    daisyeyewear Guest

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    daisyeyewear, Oct 30, 2008
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  3. daisyeyewear

    otisbrown Guest

    Thanks DaisyEye for the low-cost 45 pound prescription glasses.

    Here are some even better prices -- $8 for instance.

    All a matter of fair price comparison.

    otisbrown, Nov 1, 2008
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