Coating scratching off?

Discussion in 'Optometry Archives' started by Joe, Sep 11, 2003.

  1. Joe

    Joe Guest

    What's coming off the front of my glasses? They're only a few months old
    and they're very scratched. They are Kodak progressives and the right
    lens is much more scratched than the left. In twenty years of wearing
    glasses this has never happened. The place I bought them (Americas Best)
    said that since I already had them replaced once under warranty (my
    puppy destroyed them), they couldn't cover the new damage. But when I
    got home I decided to look at the scratches under a 100x microscope and
    when I looked at the edges of the glasses it occured to me that some
    kind of film is coming off. I believe that this is what is scratched
    because the edges of the scratches have the same kind of pattern. It's
    sort of like if you put spray paint on a window pane and then scratched
    some off with a screwdriver . What is this stuff and what do I tell the
    (somewhat dim and apathetic) people at Americas Best? What if they still
    don't care? Can I take the rest of the film off myself?
    Joe, Sep 11, 2003
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  2. Hi,

    sounds like the anti glare coating leaves you. Are the light
    reflections stronger or maybe whiter where these "scratches" seem to

    If the AR coating leaves you it's either a production fault or a heat
    problem. Have your glasses become warmer than 80°C (not sure about how
    to convert to °F)? Then the size expansion of the plastic lens might
    be much bigger than the one of the coating resulting in destruction of
    the coating. Everything else should be covered by warranty.



    Sascha Büttner
    Sascha (MC Sushii) Buettner, Sep 11, 2003
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  3. Joe

    Jim Lawton Guest

    I had a set of Kodaks, and after about eighteen months the coating wore out in
    patches - from the front the lenses looked like "oil slicks". I wish all
    coatings could be consigned to hell ...

    Jim Lawton, Sep 11, 2003
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