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Discussion in 'Glasses' started by neon, May 27, 2005.

  1. neon

    neon Guest

    Recently my vision has changed a lot. Now I'm watching a lot of dvds
    on my computer. And I'm also having great difficulty focusing on the
    text on the screen. Went to the "doc" to get fitted for "computer "

    I'm 59 & wearing multifocals I purchased 12 years ago. Eye exams,
    taken as regularly as the Ontario government agency allows, always
    recommended only a sight adjustment. The various "docs" said not to

    Me (the uninitiated purchaser) & he ( the EXPERT) both failed to
    recognize the need to shift the eyes between a written page/document,
    the keyboard, and the screen. So I see the screen just fine but am
    pushing the glasses down to see the keyboard. (Don't even add shifting
    eyes to the blackboard (taking evening class.))

    So off to see another doc & upgrade the multis.

    1. How many focal lengths is the average multi supposed to deal with.
    Three? short, med & infinity? And I guess the transitions are unique
    to each customer? What ate the average transition numbers? Now I think
    I need 4. Is this normal in older viewers?

    2. Does any company provide an x (glued?) on plastic/polycarbonate
    bubble attachment / lens that turns a monocular lens (my computer
    glasses) into bifocals? And should cost about $50!
    Or do I just get another pair!

    thanks in advance
    (off to see the new guy on tuesday)
    neon, May 27, 2005
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