Contact lens fitting in progress: A couple of questions

Discussion in 'Contact Lenses' started by groupslrn, Jun 2, 2005.

  1. groupslrn

    groupslrn Guest

    A recent comprehesive eye exam revealed that my vision is 20/30 in the
    right eye, 20/50 in the left with astigmatism in both. I requested a
    try at contact lenses and the office set up a fitting procedure.

    First pass: Preference Toric soft lenses (numbers obtained from
    doctor's assistant)
    Right eye: +25, cylinder -75, axis 165
    Left eye: +50, cylinder -150, axis 85

    I believe they gave me the +50 for the left eye after two left eye
    lenses with a shallower curve popped off and disappeared before I
    realized what happened.

    Result after first followup: Doctor says vision is 20/20 but that the
    left lens may be moving slightly in-place causing occasional blurring
    before it reseats. I did mention that nighttime blur and flare seem
    greater than uncorrected.

    In an effort to see if this could be improved, she suggested Hydrasoft
    Options which may provide better control of lens parameters and fit at
    higher cost. She did say that they were physically larger and that it
    would not necessarily be a slam dunk.

    Second pass: Hydrasoft Options
    Right eye: same
    Left eye: cylinder changed to -125, others same

    These feel a little weird compared to the others. I am occasionally
    conscious of something in the peripheral vision (edge of the lens?),
    close-in material is ok, but items at a distance are either fuzzy
    and/or distorted. When I look at the floor and then move my head
    up/around, there is a sense of distortion. I have tried adding
    eyedrops in case there was any issue of an airgap between the lens and
    the surface of the eye. I will have a followup in a few days.

    So, the question: Is this a normal part of the brain's adjustment to
    the new lenses and worth a couple of days of trial? Or do first
    impressions matter most, suggesting I should revert to the Preference
    Torics and live with the wobbly left lens? Or are there other options?


    --- Ravi
    groupslrn, Jun 2, 2005
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  2. groupslrn

    LarryDoc Guest

    Your experiences result from inappropriate lens fit and design. A couple
    of days of trial >>>with lenses that perform reasonably well<<< is a
    good idea. Sounds like you need to try something else, considering
    there are dozens of other lenses available.

    --LB, O.D.
    LarryDoc, Jun 2, 2005
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  3. groupslrn

    groupslrn Guest

    [ deletia ]
    Thank you. I have reverted to the older pair that mostly work and will
    inform the physician accordingly when I go in for another followup
    The Hydrasofts were giving me a mild headache after a few hours and I
    decided that they weren't worth the risk (I also found them harder to
    insert due to their weight and size).

    --- Ravi
    groupslrn, Jun 2, 2005
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