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Discussion in 'Contact Lenses' started by The Hustler, Nov 30, 2004.

  1. The Hustler

    The Hustler Guest

    Ok folks here's my problem. I live in the U.K., and currently have
    some problems with my contact lenses...

    I play 8 ball pool at a fairly high level in a local league. Mainly
    from playing pool I have noticed that my eyesight has deteriorated
    slightly (especially whilst using contact lenses). I cannot accuratley
    line up any long shots, as the object ball invariably appears to be
    quite blurry. All these kind of shots are "best guess". I can use my
    glasses which are a bit better, but less than ideal, as the frames are
    quite small, and don't provide a large enough area for focussing while
    cueing at the table.
    Before my last eye test, my prescription for glasses was 2.25 (Left
    Eye), 2.5 (Right Eye).
    My Contact lenses prescription was very similar. I also found out at a
    previous consultation, that I have an astigmatism in my left eye.

    Recently I went back for another test to find that my glasses
    prescription is over 3 in the right eye, and a similar hike in the
    Thing is, strangely my contact lense prescription hasn't increased.
    Why so??? Is this because of the astigmatism in my left eye?
    The optician did say that I could possibly get a Toric lense for my
    left eye, and this may help, but didn't go into any detail.

    The crux of the issue is this - I understand that contact lenses don't
    provide as sharp an image as glasses do, however I don't plan on
    buying an additional pair of Dennis taylor style glasses purely for
    playing pool. The difference in my eyesight using contact lenses is
    quite radical - I don't feel safe when driving with contact lenses
    either. Yet my optician is suggesting I use the same prescription of
    contact lense.

    Can anyone please suggest the best course of action for me, as
    obviously I want to continue to wear contact lenses, as they are very
    handy for a variety of reasons, but I especially would like mine to
    perform better when I am playing pool, as this would be a far more
    economic, and more cosmetically appealing option, than buying a pair
    of Dennis Taylor style glasses.

    So does anyone have any advice which would help my predicament???

    Any help is greatly recieved. Thanks for your time...

    The Hustler, Nov 30, 2004
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  2. The Hustler

    Dr Judy Guest

    You didn't mention whether you have rigid or soft lenses and, if soft, are
    they disposable.

    You need to ask these questions of the person who examined your eyes and fit
    your contact lenses. Most of the time it is possible to achieve the same
    acuity with contacts as with glasses but you may need to change contact lens
    type. Are the pool halls smoky with bad air? It is also possible that your
    contact lenses are drying out due to the air quality and your lack of
    blinking while lining up shots.

    Dr Judy
    Dr Judy, Nov 30, 2004
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  3. The Hustler

    The Hustler Guest

    Thanks for the speedy reply Dr Judy...

    Apologies - I forgot to mention that i use soft daily disposables.
    However, i would be prepared to change to monthly/yearly soft lenses
    if there was some kind of benefit.

    Hard lenses don't seem very appealing to me, purely because they look
    incredibly difficult to put in, but like i said I'm open to


    The Hustler
    The Hustler, Dec 1, 2004
  4. The Hustler

    The Hustler Guest

    Dr Judy,

    another small addition...

    The smokiness in the halls hasn't affected my sight in the past.
    The deterioration in vision is there from the moment I insert the
    Yes, possibly my eyes do get tired in the smoky atmosphere eventually,
    but this only really happens after several hours - maybe after 4 or 5
    in those conditions.

    The Hustler
    The Hustler, Dec 1, 2004
  5. Hi,

    Sounds as though the dailies aren't compensating for the astigmatism, which
    if over -0.75cyl is quite possible.
    If you can post your spectacle prescription it would help.

    It is probable that even dailies to correct the astigmatism will not help as
    the power range is very limited.I would therefore suggest that you try
    monthlies, may be even Purevision Torics.

    Smokiness in pubs and clubs is not going to be a problem for much longer as
    and when John Reid gets his way!


    Ian Hodgson - Isle Of Man
    Ian Hodgson Opticians Ltd, Dec 1, 2004
  6. The Hustler

    The Hustler Guest

    Ok folks, sorry for the late reply. Been busy buying chrimbo presents.

    My prescription is as follows...

    R: Sph: -2.75 Cyl: +025 Axis: 175
    L: Sph: -3.00 Cyl: +100 Axis: 170

    Contact Lens Spec
    Base Curve: 860 Diameter: 1420 R Sph: -2.50 L Sph: -2.25

    Ok, so my understanding of the above is that there is quite a
    difference between
    me prescription for glasses, and lenses, and that this difference
    obviously has a bearing on
    why when using my contact lenses my vision appears to have deteriorated
    so much.
    Bear in mind that I hav had the same contact lens prescription for
    approx 5 - 7 years.
    In this time my glasses prescription has changed, being slightly
    stronger than before...

    Any thoughts???


    The Hustler, Dec 17, 2004
  7. The Hustler

    LarryDoc Guest

    Pretty straightforward: your left eye has one diopter of astigmatism.
    Uncorrected, enough to leave quite a blur. The solution is also simple.

    LB, OD
    LarryDoc, Dec 17, 2004
  8. The Hustler

    Dr Judy Guest

    See your contact lens fitter for new contact lenses in your current

    Dr Judy
    Dr Judy, Dec 18, 2004
  9. The Hustler

    The Hustler Guest

    Yes, but this is the problem.
    My current prescription (I am using daily disposables with a
    prescription of 2.25, and 2.5) is not working satisfactorily for me.
    Like I said I have just had an eye test recently, and althoutg my
    glasses prescription has got stronger, my contact lense prescription
    has stayed the same. Obviously when I get my new glasses I will notice
    a massive difference in clarity, but as it stands ny contact lense
    vision will be just as bad, as for some reason, the optometrist decided
    that my current prescription would be the best for me.

    Obviously this is confusing for me. Why has my glasses prescription got
    stronger, but my contact lense prescription has stayed the same? How
    can I obtain better vision from contact lenses? Should I change my type
    of lense - eg go for a yearly disposable rather than the dailies?
    Should I get a Toric lense for my astigmatic eye?

    The Hustler

    Cheers, and again thanks for all the help...

    The Hustler
    The Hustler, Dec 20, 2004
  10. The Hustler

    Dr Judy Guest

    This is a question best asked of the prescribing doctor. Did you mention
    that you were not happy with the vision with your current contacts and
    wanted better vision? You did not provide your previous prescription,
    perhaps the only change was the astigmatism in the left eye.

    Your contact lenses are not correcting your astigmatism so you might need a
    toric lens. They are available as daily, biweekly or monthly disposable.
    You will need refitting. Your contact lens fitter will be able to tell you
    which lens is best suited to your eyes and will also be able to directly
    measure your corrected vision with the new contact lens to compare to the

    See your contact lens fitter.

    Dr Judy
    Dr Judy, Dec 21, 2004
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