Contacts Making me Farsighted

Discussion in 'Contact Lenses' started by Jacob S, Nov 25, 2007.

  1. Jacob S

    Jacob S Guest

    I'm having some trouble with my contact lenses, vision performance

    Got my eye exam, said I have astigmatism. Prescription was:
    OD (Right) : Sphere:-1.25 // Cylinder:-0.75 // Axis 115
    OS (Left) : Sphere:-1.00 // Cylinder:-1.00 // Axis 157

    The contacts I bought were B&L Purevision Toric (after my optometrist
    erroneously told me they weren't available in Canada for another

    I find with my right eye, I'm having trouble seeing things close up.
    My focus gets blurry as I read things closely.
    My left eye - I kind of did a stupid thing here - they didn't have
    cylinder 1.00 so I got -0.75, turns out to be too low (Spherical
    equiv. 1.38 vs. 1.50). Again though, my near vision is worse.

    Is this just the way things go? Maybe I should get a second opinion. I
    have coverage so it's not a problem from a financial perspective to
    try other things out.
    Jacob S, Nov 25, 2007
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  2. Jacob S

    Jacob S Guest

    Got my eye exam, said I have astigmatism. Prescription was:
    22. It's fine otherwise. Kind of hard to quantify, but I'd guess I've
    lost about an inch of near focus (ie. I could hold things an inch
    closer before, say about 4.5-5" away).
    Oh oh, you're encouraging me. I tend to already ask a lot of questions
    and logic out things in my own way. I think this is the big one
    though. According to this eye chart: (E
    measure 45mm, I stood ~ 3m away).

    my left eye is 20/50.
    my right eye is 20/15 (possibly better, but it was getting blurry).

    Down being -0.75, or because the quantities are negative, -1.25? :p
    The optometrist said it'd be okay to wear spherical. I thought I could
    do better by having two torics instead of some sort of "mixture" but
    didn't realize that my compromise was off until I plugged the numbers
    in to optometric toolbox (
    That's okay, I'm fast learning how to do this myself. Now if I can
    just find an old spam mail for one of those diploma mills... :p Heck,
    those lens swapping machines look like they only cost around 40 grand
    and I've still got a soul to sell.
    I'm wearing glasses from a year old 'script, apparently not much
    changed. I see much better with them.

    Thanks for the insight!

    I think I've convinced myself to just order another pair for my left
    eye @ 1.50. I'll check my Alberta Blue Cross plan to see if I'll have
    any trouble but I think I'll be okay; I've got an annual "spending
    account" for things like eyeglasses and orthodontics that's always
    gone unused. That was the setup with my trial pair (1.50 left, toric
    right) and it worked great (still not as good as my glasses though),
    but I always try to get better results ;0
    Jacob S, Nov 27, 2007
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  3. Jacob S

    Dr Judy Guest

    Are you just ordering contacts without a fitting a a doctor's
    prescription for contacts? That is a problem. Torics can rotate,
    sometimes with the stiffer materials like PureVision there are tear
    lens consideration. You need your contact lens fitter to fit the lens
    and specify the powers.

    Dr Judy
    Dr Judy, Nov 27, 2007
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