Corneal Transplant for Keratakonis at Kaiser? at a Teaching Hospital? other options?

Discussion in 'Optometry Archives' started by DrScott, Dec 13, 2003.

  1. DrScott

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    What would you do...............?????????????

    After first being diagnosed with Keratakonis in 2000 (at a LASIK
    center) I was referred to Dr. Richard Forrester at the Bascolm Palmer
    Eye Institute in Miami. Dr. Forrester is a world class eye surgeon who
    has trained some of the country's finest eye surgeons.

    My Keratakonis cone is so steep in my left eye that I can no longer
    wear contact lenses. I was told yesterday that I must have a corneal
    transplant. I was told there is an 85% success rate but there is also
    a 5% chance I could lose my sight completely in my eye as a result of
    surgical complications.

    I have Kaiser insurance and was referred to a young corneal transplant
    specialist who has had first class training at some of the country's
    finest hospitals. He completed his residency in 2000 and has only done
    40 corneal transplants. I can get referred to a more experienced older
    surgeon in Kaiser or I can seek out a surgeon with world class
    credentials outside of Kaiser.

    I had back surgery three years ago and sought out one of the nation's
    top back surgeons. I was admitted to a teaching hospital and after I
    was put to sleep I do not know if the surgery was performed by my
    "world class" surgeon or a resident. The outcome was favorable but I
    never saw the surgeon again.

    So .. do I go to a well trained young surgeon with only 40 procedures
    under his belt ... he does about 2 a month ... or do I go to an older
    surgeon who has a few hundred procedures under his belt?

    What would you do and why?

    Please reply to ... thank you all.
    DrScott, Dec 13, 2003
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