Could anyone suggest me some eye exercises?

Discussion in 'Eye-Care' started by SomeDude, Jul 29, 2003.

  1. SomeDude

    SomeDude Guest

    Here's my problem: about 2 years ago someone kicked me directly in the
    left eye while swimming. I had scratched cornea and a huge black eye.
    When my black eye and cornea healed and I removed my eye patch, I had
    trouble seeing at first. The left eye muscles were sore and my left
    eye saw "below" my right eye, so I saw a double image (one on top of
    the other) when looking with my both eyes. After a couple of days it
    went back to normal but it was tough. I had to "pull" my left eye up
    in order to see a single image. Obviously this caused strain on my
    muscles. Now, two years later, I still feel I have to strain my left
    eye muscles to see. I am 20/20 and require no glasses; the only
    possible explanation for my eye strain would me a muscular imbalance.
    I noticed something strange though: If I look behind any kind of glass
    my strain seems to diminish (I am talking about sunglasses or
    protective glasses, not prescription glasses). Anyway, if it is a
    muscular problem I'd like to start doing some exercices to improve my
    condition. I'd like someone to tell me what kind of exercices I should
    do. Thanks.


    P.S.: I don't believe in the Bates method, please don't bother telling
    me about it.
    SomeDude, Jul 29, 2003
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  2. SomeDude

    drfrank21 Guest

    Sounds like possibly some glasses wih prism correction could help
    if there's moderate phoria (eye mis-alignment, either horizontal or
    vertical) going on. Even if you are emmetropic (ie not having any
    refractive error) the glasses with prism can help with a mis-alignment.
    Or possibly some v.t. with prism bars- it just
    depends on what the exact problem is. But trying to recommend
    something in the way of v.t. w.o. knowing your diagnosis is not
    possible. Best advice is to see someone with v.t. experience.

    drfrank21, Jul 30, 2003
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  3. SomeDude

    Rishigg Guest

    Better to believe in blindness, dear friend.

    "As surely as any soldier ever died on the field, Dr. Bates gave his
    life for a cause, battling against fate, during many years of
    magnificent struggle, when the unending disappointment finally broke in
    hopeless despair. His torch is still burning. There will come some other
    battler, who is fit, and will hold it high until the people who are
    sitting in darkness have seen its great light."
    William B. MacCracken, M.D.
    (1937, Berkeley CA)
    Rishigg, Jul 30, 2003
  4. SomeDude

    SomeDude Guest

    There was no fracture. My guess is that even after 2 years my muscles
    are not completely as functionnal as before because I never did any
    eye exercises to help my healing. Also, I am left with some irregular
    astigmatism (lines around lights and flashy colors) that may tense up
    my accomodative muscles. Either way, I already told my symptoms to my
    ophtalmologist last year and he said he couldn't do anything (he said
    something about my iris possibly being bigger than before hence
    introducing irregular astigmatism).
    SomeDude, Aug 1, 2003
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