Could i have amoebic keratitis?

Discussion in 'Eye-Care' started by GrannySmith, May 10, 2014.

  1. GrannySmith


    May 10, 2014
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    So i was trying to fix my contact lens in the bathroom that was inside out. I accidentally dropped it and had no contact lens solution with me. I used bottled water to clean them without knowing that I wasn't supposed to do that!

    I took them off when I got home and washed my eyes in contact lens solution. Its been almost two days and no redness and no major symptoms so far.

    Could I have amoebic keratitis from this? What do you suggest I do? I really don't wanna get an amoebic infection or keratitis from this and lose my vision. I understand that I'm not supposed to wash my contacts in water and won't do it again, but I didn't know then and I had no solution with me :(
    GrannySmith, May 10, 2014
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