Detached Retina

Discussion in 'Optometry Archives' started by ventr4th, Sep 19, 2006.

  1. ventr4th

    ventr4th Guest

    I was diagnosed with a detached retina three weeks after an optometrist
    said my eyes were fine. I had an operation in Feb 2006 (a buckle was
    attached and a gas bubble was inserted). The surgery was not successful
    and I have blurred vision. I have subsequently been told by a surgeon
    at Bascom Palmer Eye Institute that because of the delay from the time
    of the optometrist said I was fine and I had the operation there is
    nothing that can be done to restore vision in my eye with the detached

    There were eight tares in my eye and the doctors say my vision may
    eventually be restored. Vision is blurred and it moves as if a lake is
    in my eye.

    If anyone out there has a similar situation and has any recommendations
    please reply by email to .
    ventr4th, Sep 19, 2006
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  2. ventr4th

    Dan Abel Guest

    Learn to see out of one eye? I didn't get my first detachment taken
    care of promptly and that's where I'm at right now. Although my vision
    in that eye tests out at 20/25 with the Snellen test, it isn't really
    very usable.

    Be sure you now know what to look for in regards to a detached retina.
    You can't afford to lose the other eye.

    At six months, you may still see some improvement in your vision. It
    takes a long time to heal sometimes.

    Note that your eye may have been fine when you saw the OD, and the
    detachment occurred later. If the OD didn't do a dilated exam, it may
    not have been possible to catch. A detachment usually starts on the
    periphery, and ODs seldom check that vision unless there appears to be a

    I had a detachment in the other eye, and you can bet that I was in the
    ER real soon, and had surgery the same day.
    Dan Abel, Sep 19, 2006
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  3. ventr4th

    LarryDoc Guest

    Did you have symptoms of a retina detachment at the time of your OD
    examination? If not, it is certainly completely possible that you were
    indeed "fine" at that visit and the tear(s) occurred at a later time.
    That is true. 6 months post-op is a good time to consult with a retina
    specialist to see if your vision complaints can be addressed.

    Excellent advice. See my additional comments below.
    Just a note on this: If a patient comes in and presents with symptoms
    of a possible retina detachment (flashes of light, recent onset of black
    floaters, gray or distorted area in vision), they are *always* dilated
    and the retina observed with appropriate instrumentation.

    Even so, it may not be possible to be able to visualize the detachment
    if it small and is located in an extremely remote location. Sometimes
    it can spontaneously re- attach. It is also possible to have some of
    those symptoms which go away; and then we observe a normal retina which
    later on that day or days or weeks later does indeed detach.

    With symptoms occurring and when in doubt, I would send that patient off
    to a retina specialist right then and there, while still dilated if

    In any event, don't loose hope and do seek another opinion from a retina
    specialist. And as Dan wrote, make darn sure you know what the signs and
    symptoms are and act quickly to get it fixed if there is "a next time."

    LB, O.D.
    LarryDoc, Sep 19, 2006
  4. ventr4th

    EMarie Guest

    I have never had a detached retina, but have posterior vitreous
    which carries a slight risk of that. I have had several follow-up
    visits to my
    initial visit for the PVD diagnosis and have read that more followups
    an initial 2-3 week followup is advisable after the first sypmptoms of
    floaters and flashers. In my case the floaters and flashers meant PVD.

    It may be your eyes were fine and that in three weeks' time after that
    your retina detached. From what I have read, you have 24-48 hours after
    classic symptoms of detachment to get it reattached and those symptoms
    of detachment are pretty clear, I think.

    I have also read that the surgery to reattach is generally very
    and that sometimes it takes much for the vision to be completely
    I am not an opthamologist, but I have been to many, some of the best in

    their field, and have read a lot. Have you tried taking supplements
    for your eye,
    such as lutein?
    EMarie, Sep 20, 2006
  5. You don't say why you went to the optometrist, but if it was for complaints
    that might be related to a detached retina, you probably should be talking
    to a lawyer.
    Scott Seidman, Sep 20, 2006
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